National Days of Azerbaijan, Latvia and Venezuela Held at EXPO 2017

ASTANA – EXPO 2017 played host to the celebration of several more countries’ national days last week, in this round Venezuela, Latvia and Azerbaijan.


Venezuela marked its National Day July 8 with the participation of Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister Felix Plasencia and Kazakh Deputy Minister of Defence Talgat Mukhtarov.

“The policy and achievement of the Latin American countries in the field of green energy are a valuable experience. All relations between Kazakhstan and Venezuela are concentrated in the field of new energy. We want to thank Venezuela for participating in the international exhibition and sharing its achievements in the field of renewable energy sources,” Mukhtarov said.

Plasencia expressed gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the expo.

“On behalf of my country, I want to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to take part in such a grand event. We are convinced that the experience gained at the expo will give a positive impulse to the development of renewable energy sources in our country,” Plasencia said.

Venezuela has a large stock of traditional energy sources, but at the same time, meets 64.8 percent of its energy needs with hydropower and 1.5 percent with biomass. It also has resources for the development of solar and wind energy.

The National Day of Azerbaijan was marked July 9. Azerbaijan’s EXPO 2017 pavilion presents stands, maps and exhibits that show visitors the achievements of Azerbaijan in the field of alternative energy. The concept of the pavilion is based on the reflection of such national values as Azerbaijan’s history, culture, art, human capital and traditions of tolerance. Visiting Azerbaijan’s pavilion is a unique chance for guests to recharge themselves with positive energy of the Land of Fire and even stroll through the old and new city of Baku.

“Azerbaijan is a country rich in oil resources; however, we intend to minimise dependence on oil resources and strengthen human capital. The state is set to switch to alternative energy. Many environmental projects are being implemented now,” Assistant to First Vice President of Azerbaijan Anar Alakbarov said.

Alakbarov pointed out the trusting relations between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, which are based on long friendship and mutual respect. The two states have a strategic partnership.

“Azerbaijan attaches great importance to participation in the expo, which is a truly grand event, uniting a huge number of people from different countries around a common and good goal. The theme of Future Energy fully meets today’s realities and is certainly close, and understandable, to everyone. Developing solutions to problems in the sphere of alternative energy sources is what worries humanity today,” he emphasised.

According to Alakbarov, Azerbaijan’s approach to energy security implies that energy and resources should serve not conflicts and confrontations, but international cooperation. Kazakh Vice Minister of Energy Magzum Mirzagaliyev stressed that Azerbaijan was one of the first to confirm its participation in the exhibition. Trade and economic relations and agreements in the transport-transit and tax spheres are evidence of the countries’ close and mutually beneficial cooperation, he added.

“Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan demonstrate common views and similar positions on the international agenda. The Caucasian route passing through Azerbaijan provides us access to European markets. In turn, Kazakhstan opens the gates to Central Asia and China for Azerbaijan. We hope that thanks to the expo, the world will get a new impetus and make a big leap by taking on the legacy of this exhibition,” Mirzagaliyev said.

Latvia also marked its National Day on the same day at the expo site. President of Latvia Raimonds Vejonis arrived in Astana to participate in the event. Taking the floor, Vejonis praised the organisation of the expo, and noted the importance of Latvia’s participation in the international exhibition. The country is not only presenting its latest achievements in the field of green energy, but also is also ready for prospective business projects. After a celebratory concert, the foreign delegation visited the pavilions of Kazakhstan and Latvia.

Since the opening of the exhibition, approximately 40,000 guests have visited the Latvian pavilion.

“Participation in the exhibition is an important event for our country. This is a new opportunity for our enterprises to start partnership with different countries. In addition, the expo is held on the eve of an anniversary: In 2018, Latvia marks the 100th year of independence. We invite you to visit our country and have a look at the unique culture of Latvia,” Vejonis said.

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