Kazakhstan establishes national tourism development company

ASTANA – The Kazakh government recently launched the Kazakh Tourism National Company to develop the sector and attract investment.119418-preview-image

“The first task for the company is to promote the tourism potential of Kazakhstan abroad and attract investment. We want to attract investors to the tourism industry. I am sure that many investors are interested in investing their money in the tourism industry of the state, because our country has a unique natural landscape and is safe,” Minister of Culture and Sports Arystanbek Mukhamediuly said at a government briefing.

The company will also seek to utilise the experience of leading countries in the field of tourism and includes six regional cultural and tourist clusters, which cover all of Kazakhstan.

“Taking into account the specifics of the regions, we focused on the development of new types of tourism for Kazakhstan – sacral, ecological, hunting trophy, cultural and cognitive, medical and sports,” the minister explained.

The company will be funded by the national budget through the end of this year and will be expected to be self-funded beginning 2018.

In June, the Kazakhstan government approved the concept of development of the tourist industry in Kazakhstan until 2023. As part of the so-called economic modernisation 3.0, the tourism field is one of six key priorities, along with fuel and energy, agro-industrial complexes, industrialisation, trade and transport.

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