San Mir Astana company grows organic apples under Agrobusiness – 2020 programme

ASTANA – Astana-based private company San Mir Astana grows organic apples as part of the Agrobusiness – 2020 programme to develop the agro-industrial complex in the country.


Initiated by the company’s business consultant Yermek Beisembayev, a memorandum with a Hungarian company Holland Alma Kft was signed in 2015 to plant apple tree gardens in southern Kazakhstan, not far from Almaty.

“Generally, the company’s line of work is housing and the utilities sector. An organic apple orchard start is one of our new activities. It is the first in Kazakhstan of such scale; 20 hectares of soil was reclaimed. Five kinds of apple species are being grown and 80 percent of seedlings were planted as of now. We are waiting for a first crop this year,” Beisembayev shared with The Astana Times.

Both extensive and intensive methods are applied in planting the apple orchards. Apart from regional apple kinds, new varieties distinguished in resistance to weather conditions and harvest volume are being developed. An ecologically clean product is the main principle, according to company information.

“Our territory allows us to plan developing the famous Aport apple plants in future. Another advantage is when a land plot is located 900 metres above sea level, practically 70 percent of all basic pests die because it is not a comfortable environment for them,” Beisembayev stressed.

According to him, this is the main problem when it comes to growing a bio garden because there is a need to fight parasites with the help of chemicals, for example.

“Therefore, a natural parasites control and soil fertilisation goes on an area of our garden. Cultivation, processing methods, everything is natural,” he said.

San Mir Astana cooperates with Nestle and other companies that produce food for children. As part of the memorandum, Beisembayev noted that Japan is their main partner in terms of selling and product control while their planting stock is supplied from Hungary.

Up to 45 hectares of land is planned to be developed and up to 100 people to be provided with jobs by 2020, the company states.

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