Dozens of events to entertain Astana during EXPO 2017

ASTANA – Less than two weeks are left until EXPO 2017 finally opens. The rich programme will satisfy different tastes, with world-class stars performing for capital residents and guests throughout the summer. Tickets for EXPO and cultural programme events are being sold or will be sold soon at or official ticket offices.


A one-day entrance ticket is 6,000 tenge (US$19.30) or 8,000 tenge (US$25.70) for weekend days with open dates. Entrance is free for children under six. There will also be four days with special show programmes – Opening Day (June 10), Day of the Capital (July 6), Constitution Day (Aug. 30) and Closing Day (Sept. 10).

“Each evening, EXPO will entertain its guests with fantastic parades and hi-tech musical and theatrical processions demonstrating energy. They will entice you and bring you to viewing the climax of the first day of the exhibition – the multimedia show on the Sphere. Future Energy will be revealed and presented under a musical accompaniment in the form of 3D projection through the prism of the four elements (wind, water, earth and air),” according to the EXPO website.

Here’s a brief review of the events planned during the three-months long exhibition.

Cirque du Soleil REFLEKT

Cirque du Soleil Pavilion

June 16 – Sept. 9

4,000 – 6,000 tenge (US$12.80-$19.30) plus EXPO ticket

“Inspired by the history of the Kazakh nomadic culture, REFLEKT is a mysterious tale that explores the idea of renewable human energy as we journey towards a sustainable future. REFLEKT showcases traditional circus acts mixed with never-before-seen executions at Cirque du Soleil, delivering awe-inspiring acrobatic acts that always leave the spectator wanting more and with an emotionally-packed experience that will last a lifetime,” notes the EXPO website. The famous Canadian entertainment company has created a special show for EXPO and the team will present 71 shows with seven-eight performances per week. The performances will take place on the exhibition grounds, so visitors also need to purchase an EXPO ticket for the same day in addition to a ticket for REFLEKT.


The Great Gatsby (ballet)

Energy Hall

June 15

1,000 tenge (US$3.20) plus EXPO ticket

“The Great Gatsby” is a project of an international team of professionals from the United States, Russia and Ukraine. The ballet has elements of modern dance and cinematography to highlight the history of eccentric Gatsby in a new light. A mix of classical and contemporary dance, symphonic and jazz music and cinematography, “The Great Gatsby” was directed by Dwight Rhoden, the most in-demand choreographer of contemporary dance, according to The New York Times.



Classical music is a major part of the programme. Many renowned musicians, conductors and orchestras will be visiting and performing at the EXPO’s Energy Hall.

State Ensemble of Classical Music – The Kazakh Camerata presenting “The Beatles go Baroque”

June 18 – 21

1,000 tenge (US$3.20) plus EXPO ticket

Mischa Maisky and Lily Maisky

June 24

1,000 tenge (US$3.20) plus EXPO ticket

Kuss Quartet and Misha Maisky

June 25

1,000 tenge (US$3.20) plus EXPO ticket

Maurice Steger and Lautten Compagney

June 30

1,000 tenge (US$3.20) plus EXPO ticket

Enrico Dindo and Kazakh State Academic Symphony Orchestra

July 1

1,000 tenge (US$3.20) plus EXPO ticket

Andrea Lucchesini and Kazakh State Academic Symphony Orchestra

July 2

1,000 tenge (US$3.20) plus EXPO ticket

David Fray

July 8

1,000 tenge (US$3.20) plus EXPO ticket

Kurmangazy Kazakh State Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments

July 11-13

1,000 tenge (US$3.20) plus EXPO ticket

Thomas Gould, Julien Quentin, Mary Bevan & Sandi Toka Nova

Sept. 2

1,000 tenge (US$3.20) plus EXPO ticket



BI-2, Mumiy Troll

Saryarka Republican Cycle Track

July 1

6,000 – 23,000 tenge (US$19.30-$74)

Thirty Seconds to Mars

July 2

Astana Arena

Not on sale yet

Black Star Party (MOT, Kristina Si, L’One, Timati)

Saryarka Republican Cycle Track

July 8

6,000 – 23,000 tenge (US$19.30-US$74)

Polina Gagarina & Egor Kreed

Saryarka Republican Cycle Track

Aug. 5

6,000 – 23,000 tenge (US$19.30-$74)

Limp Bizkit

Saryarka Republican Cycle Track

Aug. 12

6,000 – 28,000 tenge (US$19.30-$90)

Eros Ramazzotti

Saryarka Republican Cycle Track

Aug. 19

6,000 – 28,000 tenge (US$19.30-$90)



Igor Butman and the Moscow Jazz Orchestra

July 15

Energy Hall

1,000 tenge (US$3.20) plus EXPO ticket

JAZZIA 2017 International Jazz Festival

Aug. 15-17

Energy Hall

1,000 tenge (US$3.20) plus EXPO ticket

JAZZIA is three days of performances by world-famous music groups from different countries, including East Drive Band, Bill Evans Quartet, Shai Maestro Trio, Billy Cobham Band, Lee Ritenour Band and Marcus Miller. A must-see event for all music lovers, especially those who like jazz.



The Spirit of Tengri/Niyaz – The Fourth Light Project

July 20

Energy Hall

1,000 tenge (US$3.20) plus EXPO ticket

The Spirit of Tengri/Daffer Youseff

Aug. 20

Energy Hall

1,000 tenge (US$3.20) plus EXPO ticket


Please visit the official website where all of the above-listed events are scheduled and displayed, as quite a bit of non-approved information has been circulating. New concerts may be added.

In addition to the listed events, dozens of other concerts, exhibitions and festivals will be taking place at various venues in the city. Full information and tickets are available at, which was created by the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The following are some of the events.


Kazakh Forte-Trio (Concert No. 4) with Golden Pages of Chamber Music

June 8

Abai (opera)

June 11

Kazakh State String Quartet named after Zhubanova

June 16

Manon (ballet)

June 17

Kyz Zhibek (opera)

June 23

Kyz Zhibek (opera) outdoor performance

July 5

Madame Butterfly (opera)

July 16

Finale of Placide Domingo Operalia International Competition of Young Vocalists

July 24

Placido Domingo’s performance of Verdi’s “La Traviata”

Aug. 1

State Woodwind Quintet concert

Aug. 15

Notre Dame de Paris (ballet)

Aug. 16

Teatro Alla Scala tour. Verdi’s “Falstaff”

Sept. 1

Teatro Alla Scala tour. Ludwig van Beethoven. Symphony No. 9

Sept. 7

Other major venues include Astana Ballet Theatre, Kazakh Central Concert Hall, National Museum of Kazakhstan, Palace of Independence and Barys Arena. Full information is available on the website.

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