Power station’s heat allows unique fish farm in Karaganda

ASTANA – Natur Produkt farm has been culturing rainbow trout at the Topar Lake 40 kilometres from Karaganda since last year. Close proximity to Karaganda GRES 2 power station creates unique conditions for fish culturists, Forbes.kz reports.

Almas Taubayev. Photo credit-Sergei Buyanov

Almas Taubayev. Photo credit: Sergei Buyanov

Thermal release from the power station’s refrigeration allows maintaining the temperature that does not go below 17 degrees at a one-hectare big pond and without any expenses.

The power station’s work method proposes a year-round drain of warm and clean water from turbine refrigeration into the lake. A portion of water gets into a pond via sluices set up inside a drainage way. This is how a practically tropic climate is being maintained, the news report said.

Even when the temperature outside drops to a freezing minus 30 degrees below zero, water maintains 12 degrees plus temperature due to the pond channel. These hothouse conditions combine the advantages of surface and enclosed body of water. Fish grows all year round in an artificial reservoir while its living conditions are no different than natural ones. A fresh wind blowing over a pond while enriching water with oxygen is especially important.

“Winds here are strong to the extent where a pontoon blow off from water surface and tore a steel-wire rope. On the other hand fish can breathe easily and freely. This is as important for development as feeding quality. That is why we move them out to the lake when it becomes hot in summer. We turn aerating contrivance on for additional air incorporation with oxygen if water temperature rises above 18 degrees,” Head of Natur Produkt Almas Taubayev says, according to Forbes.kz.

The fish are hand fed. There are also long-term plans to automate feeding. In the meantime, the 18-member staff of the farm enjoy feeding the fish.


Photo credit: Forbes.kz

“It is a great pleasure to walk around and feed the fish. Any kinds of stress go away when you see how they become liven up and gambol in water,” the director notes.

The first batch has now grown to 40 centimetres in length and weights 1.5 kilogrammes. Local processers have slowly begun to process the batch. The weight starting 1.5 kilogrammes to 5 kilogrammes is usually considered as marketable, the news website writes.

The farm plans to start selling live fish in May. For costumers to access the freshest product, fishbowls will be available in Karaganda’s retail store chains.

The farm plans to produce 50 tonnes of trout this year and reach 100 tonnes next year. During the first stage, Natur Produkt intends to limit supply only to Karaganda and perhaps Astana and go further when they have their own production facility.








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