Clothing donation project brings warmth, hope to those in need

ASTANA – Almaty residents can donate clothes and items to the Teplo (Warmth) charity boxes to help people in emergencies. There are currently five collection points located at Esentai Square, Dostyk Plaza Mall, Mega Alma-Ata Mall, On Clinic hospital and Pita Green healthy food restaurant.Esentai Square

The social and charitable project, aimed at organising contributions for distribution to those in difficult situations, was launched Jan. 15 by Sinai Private Charitable Foundation. The mission is to provide all types of clothes for people in need. The project, launched on permanent basis, also provides jobs as targeted assistance for individuals with physical challenges.

Items are distributed through social service centres for children and adolescents left without guardians, trust funds and organisations working with vulnerable citizens.

“Our team consists of six people. We have no sponsors and public figures. The project is supported by me independently. We are delighted to provide support for more than 50 families since the project’s launch,” project head Timur, who preferred to be known only by his first name, told The Astana Times.

The venture started with installing donation boxes.

“We needed a durable and sealed box with an anti-vandal mechanism inside and a beautiful exterior design. Many companies offered us cooperation, but the KazHydroMash Company proposed the most suitable option for us. The second stage was the search for storage. There was a lot of selection criteria, as we needed a building that would be comfortable for the physically challenged who are involved in the sorting process. It should also be bright and located in the centre with all communication facilities and an entrance for unloading and loading trucks,” he added.

There was also a need to establish working processes and consider all stages, including unloading items, delivery to storage, further sorting and subsequent chemical cleaning.

“Clean things are sent to people only after all these procedures. Good logistics and powerful industrial washing machines with a large load of clothing are needed for the harmonious work of the whole mechanism. We cooperate with the Daas Kazakhstan Company in terms of logistics. Tricycles of this company are used to unload our boxes. Laundry is also a key point. We decided to cooperate with the IC Pro Company. The equipment surpassed all our expectations; in addition to washing and disinfecting, it dries clothes and disinfects again in the final stage, treating with dry steam. In the end, the item becomes like a new one,” he said.

Timur also spoke about communicating the effort to the media.

“The project is quite new in our country and at the moment, it attracts the attention of print media and TV channels,” he said. “We made social videos that are distributed in social networks to draw the attention of the Kazakh people to the importance of helping people from vulnerable segments of the population. Everyone has moments in life when he or she needs some help and support. People’s participation will save lives, their care will give hope. Care unites people.”

Collecting clothes led to the idea of organising Teplo Express, the logistics company that provides services to deliver and transport various goods. In a case when the customer has unwanted clothing and items in good condition, he or she can donate them to the service for future distribution.

“Daas Kazakhstan helped us with the organisation of Teplo Express. We work to develop awareness and humanity. We are able to achieve this together, as every good deed is a small step for a person and a significant step for all mankind,” he said.

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