Kazakhtelecom opens network operations centre

ASTANA – Kazakhtelecom Unified Network Management Centre, launched in mid-March in Almaty, aims to help the company automate work and promptly find and fix malfunctions. The centre’s staff processes approximately 400,000 various types of messages each month, from system signals about malfunctions to information alerts, reported Tengrinews.kz.tengrinews.kz

The facility is equipped with the latest security and communication systems and backup systems. All information is displayed on the video wall, one component of the unified control centre’s monitoring system. The screen, measuring 15.5 metres long and 2 metres high, consists of 39 panels which show segments including GPON, large communication stations, a data network, technologies and services provided. The centre is operated by more than 200 employees, including operators, engineers, analysts and equipment experts.

Approximately 95 percent of the processes are automated and labour productivity increased 25 percent as a result of the centre’s activities.

The platform allows optimising the management processes and reducing operating costs, said Kazakhtelecom Board Chairperson Kuanyshbek Yessekeyev.

“Being a trendsetter, we are attracting the best practices, implementing modern software and acquiring equipment that meets international security requirements. I’m confident that the new approach will positively affect the quality of customer experience and the provision of services,” he added.

The centre’s stable operation depends on the uninterrupted provision of services to consumers, noted Kazakhtelecom Chief Technical Director Alexander Lezgovka.

“We wanted to build a new structure in accordance with the security requirements and standards of leading western operators. All emergency and information messages are sent to this centre. The messages are processed in automatic mode, its severity level is determined and further information is displayed on the screens of experts responsible for each specific segment of the network. Experts take measures to troubleshoot problems in accordance with the severity level. In general, the effect from the introduction of the single centre is positive,” he added.

According to regulations, three hours are spent on troubleshooting. Centre analysts, however, can do the same work in one hour and 50 minutes, noted general director Askar Eserkegenov.

“Earlier, similar monitoring systems existed in each regional centre and any report on the accident first came there and only then to the central office. A single centre allows us to see all accidents, regardless of where they took place, in the district centres or in a city. Response to problems and their elimination have become more operational,” he said.

About a half a year was needed to create a single centre and centralise functions. The technical part has been modernised and the best specialists from all regions of the country were attracted to the process.

Information on the company’s technological equipment, services implemented in the communication service market and measures taken to improve the quality of customer service were also presented as part of the event.

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