Kango Jumping Park opens in Astana’s new Mega Silk Way Mall

ASTANA – Kazakhstan’s largest and newest mall, Mega Silk Way, had a technical opening March 6, as some stores are already operational and others are still under construction but will be ready by the March 23 official opening day. Kango Jumping Park, however, opened its doors for the technical opening, offering a tonne of fun and joy to all who step foot inside.


“I know about Kango Park from Almaty, but this one has more fun walls to climb and explore,” said guest Nurlan Kakenov. “There is also a jumping and trampoline place at the Astana Mall and we used to go there, but that one has only trampolines and is more for kids. This one, with these new walls, can be quite challenging and exciting even for adults. Just try jumping the tall tower or climb one of the poles; it certainly rushed my adrenaline.”

The capital’s park offers additional climbing walls and exciting three to four-metre jumping towers. Though the park’s administration is very friendly, at the same time they’re very strict when it comes to safety.


“We want to make sure that everyone has a great time at Kango in a safe environment. All of our equipment is tested regularly to ensure that everything meets our stringent requirements,” said the park’s administration. “Kango is synonymous with being active and we promote health and fitness through activities, all while having loads of fun. We do our best to provide an environment where everyone can harness their energy and spend it in the best possible way, enjoying the great variety of attractions we have to offer. There is nothing better than bonding with your loved ones by means of some healthy family entertainment.”

Kakenov appreciates that attention to safety.

“I had to change a few harnesses for different towers and walls and I was being strapped by different people all at the same time. It gives you confidence that people know what they’re doing and that gives the sense of being safe, which I liked as a father of three sons,” he said.


The administrators described the many events available at the park.

“Kango provides a multitude of exhilarating activities that present you with both physical and mental challenges. Leap and fly high with our professional trampolines, experience the demanding task of climbing up a difficult tower and strive to pass through our ninja obstacle course. These feats can only be accomplished by persistence and a strong, determined mind. Age is of little consequence and when you manage to succeed in whichever activity you chose here, you will experience a powerful sense of accomplishment,” they noted.

Kango also offers trampoline training, fitness and toddler programmes.

“Keeping fit has never been so easy or fun. During Kango fitness sessions, our instructors will take you through many different exercises and games and you will have so much fun that it won’t feel like a workout at all. The results will astonish you, as trampoline jumping is an extremely efficient way of burning fat while releasing positive endorphins to make you feel great,” said the staff.

Kango also allows night parties and corporate events and has a dodgeball league.

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