Tea, Coffee Prices Increase by Almost 35 Percent, Other Food Prices Also Increase

ASTANA – Kazakhstan’s Statistics Committee released a statement indicating that in general food prices in November rose by 9.1 percent compared with the same month last year.

photo_201709According to the statement, all basic foods have seen price hikes. Coffee, tea and cocoa have seen prices rise by 34.6 percent; cereals by 33.5 percent; bread by 19.5 percent; sugar by 18.7 percent; confectionery products by 16.8 percent; oils and fats by 12.7 percent; pasta by 12.2 percent; bakery and pastry products by 10.2 percent; fish and seafood by 8.8 percent; alcoholic beverages by 8.6 percent; flour by 7.3 percent; dairy products by 6.8 percent; and fruits and vegetables by 0.9 percent.

The report also indicates the increase for meat and meat products in the same month from last year and it totals 5.6 percent overall: poultry by 12.8 percent, sausage products by 5.7 percent, beef by 4.7 percent, pork by 4.6 percent, mutton by 2.9 percent and horsemeat by 2.1 percent.

Earlier in the year, a price spike for tomatoes, cucumbers and some other vegetables was reported in Almaty with a total increase of 53.4 to 82.9 percent for tomatoes and cucumbers, 27 percent for garlic, 8.7 percent for eggs, 0.3 to 6.6 percent for dairy products (yogurt and milk and pasteurised raw milk, sour cream, cottage cheese), 9.5 percent for carrots, 5.2 percent for potatoes, 3.7 percent for cabbage, 3.8 to 4.3 percent for oranges and lemons, 3.2 percent for noodles, 0.5 to 3.1 percent for meat and poultry, 1.4 to 2.9 percent for oils and fats, 1.5 to 2.5 percent for cereals, 1.2 to 2.3 percent for fish (frozen and smoked ) and herring, 1.3 percent for tea, 0.8 percent for sugar and 0.7 percent for caramel.

As of November this year, inflation in Kazakhstan amounted to 1.2 percent, which is 0.6 percent more than a month earlier and 2.5 percent less than in November 2015. Since the beginning of the year, inflation was recorded at 7.33 percent and in annual terms totals 8.61 percent.

Kazakhstan ranked 16th in inflation in the world this year.

The inflation rate in Kazakhstan, as in other countries, is calculated based on the consumer price index for goods and services. Consumer prices are the final prices paid by customers for goods or services, including taxes and fees.

Earlier this year, the analytical service ranking.kz assessed how much the average Kazakh citizen spends on purchases. In urban areas the average check purchases nearly three times more than in rural areas, 56,000 to 20,000 tenge (US$167 to US$60) per person.

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