Arba Wine Nuovo Guests and Distribution Director Discuss Kazakh Wine

ASTANA – Many wine producing areas in the world conduct traditional wine festivals. Kazakhstan has such traditions too, thanks to Arba Wine, which established Arba Wine Nuovo, a young wine festival, in its native land that has become customary for wine lovers. One of the festivals was held Nov. 18 at Radisson Hotel Astana.


Wine presentation

“Most people came here today to tie some partnership relations, establish connections and become acquainted,” guest and Sylqym owner Zhanna Bektemissova shared with The Astana Times.

Guests were introduced to the 2014 collection, including a young wine poured straight from barrels, and saw the Arba Wine World photo illustration. Talented Kazakh singer and songwriter Galymzhan Moldanazar together with his namesake band performed “Akpen Birge,” “Kosh Bol” and other songs.

“It is a very significant occasion for the capital city, where every self-respecting person set in their position in society tries to get here. It is not as difficult and quite achievable,” said Bektemissova.


Moldanazar band performing at Arba Wine Nuovo in Astana

Raushan Yerzhanova, general director for Arba Wine Distribution Astana, explained why foreigners love the company’s wines, product price and other details.

“‘Clean’ means pure, which means our wine is natural and of high quality. Our wines are the best not in Kazakhstan alone, but in the entire Asia. Arba Wine wines comply with global standards,” she said.

She noted the main factors for the high quality lie in the uniqueness of Almaty region’s terroir, favourable climate for growing grapes, dry air, stony soil, mountain river water and other attributes that avoid chemical processing at the vineyards. As a result, all Arba wines are organic and of high quality and the company has won a number of gold awards at prestigious European and Asian wine contests.

Arba Wine grapes are 100-percent hand picked. The company uses the best technology and equipment such as French bottles and oak barrels, Portuguese corks, Italian labels and foreign consulting.


Guests at the Arba Wine Nuovo in Astana

Wine prices are quite attractive, said Yerzhanova. For instance, Sary Arba (Rkatsiteli grape wine) costs 2,500 tenge (US$7.30). The final prices can be expensive, however, due to capital venues setting their own prices that can reach 300-400 percent of the initial cost.

The guests also expressed their views and impressions about Arba Wine products.

“It is very flattering that our Kazakhstan-made wine has entered the global arena. I believe Arba Wine wines are quit competitive and taste very good. I am very glad for the Kazakh brand; it is very commendable,” said Asel Dairbek, a cellist working with the philharmonic and symphonic orchestra.

She added she was glad when she learned the company has its own plantations where they grow honey and fruits. Dairbek hopes it prospers and grows even larger.

“First of all, I like it that Arba Wine is purely Kazakh-made wine. Production is entirely located in Kazakhstan as this is very hard for me, simply unfeasible and I am a production worker myself,” said Bektemissova.

She appreciates that jobs belong to Kazakhs and the wine is a brand that makes them proud.

Bektemissova also noted she enjoys an Arba Wine shop where a person can come, try a glass of wine and sit for a while.

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