Pay Attention to Herbal Therapy rather than Chemical, says Zerde-Phyto Marketing and PR Director

ASTANA – Documents discussing the enjoyment and uses of herbal teas have been recovered dating back to Ancient Egypt and China. Zerde-Phyto produces herbal tea and supplements and Marketing and Public Relations Director Beibit Kuttykozhayev discussed the importance of herb products and therapy with The Astana Times.

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Herbal tea or tisane is herbs, spices or other plant infusion in hot water that does not contain caffeine, according to The drinks are different from black, green, white, yellow and other true teas as well as from decaffeinated tea.

Tisanes can be made with fresh or dried flowers, leaves, seeds or roots. Seeds and roots can be boiled or boiling water can be poured over plant parts to steep for a few minutes. The herbal tea is then strained, sweetened if so desired and served hot or cold.

Many companies produce herbal tea bags for such infusions. Zerde-Phyto specialises in herbal teas and dietary supplements made from natural products. The company was founded in 1998 and is a leading producer of medical and plant raw material with more than 260 different products on the market.

“Work with medical representatives, distribution, pharmacies and consumers goes on in major cities of the nation. We work for the good health of Kazakhstan people and forming a healthy lifestyle including healthy activities that focus on a person’s health improvement of heart, oncological and other health issues into our job,” said Kuttykozhayev.

He noted Zerde is not inferior in product design or content to foreign counterparts in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany or the U.K. when analysing Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) markets and exhibitions abroad.

Zerde herb teas are quite popular among the nation’s pharmacy products and consumers.

“We export our product to Kyrgyzstan and negotiations with Russia, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are currently underway,” said Kuttykozhayev.

The company participates in charity events and provides herbal teas for low-income families, orphanages and retirement and nursing homes. Zerde-Phyto also collaborates with kindergartens and health centres.

Zerde herbal teas for colds, immune boosting and even sedative tea can be found in any big city pharmacy. The herb packs are suitable for daily use; herbal tea for children and women, the green tea series with cowberry with Melissa, rose with barberis or tilia additives.

“Leading a healthy life style starts with healthy eating. Our products focus on health improvement and preventing diseases or complications with an existing condition. Therefore, an herb product must also be safe and efficient. We make an effort to provide good quality raw material with the help of laboratory tests. We always talk about health and why our products are good by contacting our distributors and consumers,” said Kuttykozhayev.

He meets pharmacists and pharmaceutical academy and medical students to discuss and persuade people to pay more attention to herbal therapy and products rather than chemicals. Kuttykozhayev believes Kazakh people need to discuss these topics, take preventative measures, enhance their immune systems, enrich their bodies with vitamins and lead a healthy lifestyle not only when a health issue arises and puts a person in pain, but also before it happens.

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