Kazakhstan’s Labour Market Trends Shown in Latest Review by Country’s Biggest Recruiting Website

ASTANA – Head Hunter, Kazakhstan’s leading recruitment website, completed a labour market review to reveal the country’s highest paying jobs. The mining, engineering, IT and agriculture fields top the list, according to the survey.


“Today our database, which is the largest in Kazakhstan, has more than 1.2 million candidates and 35,000 employers. This shows that one-seventh of the entire working-age population [of Kazakhstan] is registered with us. These figures allow us to work with very large layers of statistics and operate with data on all the online labour markets of Kazakhstan. During the period from the beginning of the year, around 117,000 vacancies and about 400,000 CVs were placed on our website,” said a company representative in a recent interview with bnews.kz.

The company noted the highest salaries are being offered not only for managing positions. There’s a new trend in the country’s labour market.

Wages for a mining engineer-geologist can currently range from $2,500-$6,000 per month, a mining projects head can earn more than $5,000, a mechanical engineer can be offered a salary from 2-5 million tenge (US$6,061–$15,154) and a JAVA software developer around $8,000-$9,000. The general director of an agricultural holding is offered 5 million tenge (US$15,154).

The website also made a list of Kazakhstan’s most demanded jobs. Nineteen percent of job offers are sales representatives and positions close to sales. The top five also includes accountants (8.3 percent), administrative staff (7.67 percent), marketing specialists (7.3 percent) and employees in IT and telecommunications (6.1 percent).

“Traditionally, everybody is interested in remuneration. For the period from the beginning of the year, the minimum wage offered by employers amounted to about 50,000 tenge (US$151.50), the average is 120,000 tenge (US$363.60) and maximum salary offers start at around 500,000 tenge (US$1,515) and tend towards infinity, depending on the position and responsibilities,” said the report.

In the Start of Career section, it noted on average 22 people are applying for one job. In the field of mining the number is 7.8; top management, 7.2; law, 4.7 and accounting, 4.48.

According to Head Hunter, there is a deficit in the construction field with 2.13 people per job and in the field called Working Personnel there are only 1.52 applicants per offer. Companies face difficulties recruiting staff for working trades and are forced to fight for them, according to the review.

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