Kazakh Mineral Springs Possess Therapeutic Efficiency

ASTANA – One can rest and improve one’s health thanks to Kazakhstan’s unique natural resources, climate and healing mineral waters with diverse composition, chemical properties and therapeutic efficiency. One can find his or her own mineral water in nearly every region.


Photo: tr-kazakhstan.kz

Thermal waters with a sodium sulfate-hydrocarbonate composition prevail in the northern region. Mineral waters have healing effects, iodine, bromine, calcium and sodium compound. Sodium and magnesium waters, thermal hot springs with sulphate and hydrocarbonate waters are found in the east. South Kazakhstan is rich with nitrogen hydrocarbonate thermal waters and radon sources.

Nearly all balneology types of waters except carbon dioxide are found in Kazakh land, according to filtrofinfo.ru. Only a small share of the explored mineral waters is used externally in sanatoriums for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

Radioactive (Radon) Waters

The advantages of radon baths have long been known. Since ancient times, Romans bathing in the radioactive waters of Baden-Baden noticed diseases retreated and vitality rose. Today, radon baths are a good alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. In small doses, radon has a tremendous healing effect, noted tr-kazakhstan.kz.

Radon treatments are beneficial for metabolism, stimulate the immune system and provide a local anaesthetising, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory effect. In hypothyroidism and atherosclerosis, they improve lipid metabolism, normalise thyroid function and enhance the stomach’s secretory and motor functions. They improve one’s general condition and sustained blood pressure reduction is observed.

When taking radon baths, one must remember simple things to get the best effect. These include eating at least a half hour before taking a bath, recommended bowel and bladder cleansing, not submerging below one’s heart level and bathing for no more than 10-15 minutes, according to the website. Consuming alcohol and nicotine is not allowed.

It is best to consult a doctor first, as not everyone can take radon baths because of existing contraindications.

For radon bath treatments, nearby visitors and those from foreign countries come to Kapal-Arasan Resort in the centre of Semirechie (Seven Rivers). The mineral waters can be compared with the waters of such famous resorts as Velingrad in Bulgaria and Janské Lázně in Czech Republic, as well as some in France, Hungary and Italy, noted tr-kazakhstan.kz.

The water goes into the resort directly from wells and is used in baths, showers and underwater shower-massage. The resort, which provides five meals per day and kumys (fermented mare’s milk) therapy, has a large and beautiful territory with places designed for children’s rest.


Photo: tr-kazakhstan.kz

Silicic Thermal Waters

When ingested, silicic waters provide an anti-inflammatory effect and reduce intoxication due to the adsorptive properties of silicic acid.

Rakhmanov springs mineral waters are thermal, radon, sulphate-hydrocarbonate, sodium-magnesium waters containing silicic acid and free nitrogen, according to filtrofinfo.ru.

Rakhmanov springs were named after the legendary hunter who, while chasing a wounded deer, suddenly came upon a mountain spring. The water was warm with steam rising from it and he saw the animal he injured. The hunter tried to move closer towards it, but miraculously the mortally-wounded deer freely and easily rose from the water and ran away with its wounds healed. Sick people have subsequently been drawn to the spring and get their portion of the therapeutic water.

Rakhmanov Springs Resort is based in East Kazakhstan region, about 450 kilometres from Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Because the resort is located in the border area all foreigners need passes, with the price depending on when application is made. For example, a pass is 4,500 tenge (US$13.38) per person if an application is submitted within 45 days before the route begins and could increase to 12,000 tenge (US$35.68) if filed later.

The Sosnoviy Bor mineral water deposit in Kostanai region, nitric, low-mineralised and with a high content of silicic acid, is used in the resort of the same name to treat diseases of the digestive organs, motor and support and the blood circulation system.

Bromide and Iodine Waters

Bromide waters normalise central nervous system function and have a good effect on inflammatory, vegetative-vascular diseases, neurosis and neurasthenia. In systematic prescription they may decrease the intensity of metabolic processes in the body, however, and are therefore not recommended for patients prone to be overweight and with other disorders of fat metabolism, notes filtrofinfo.ru.

Such water is widely used for external and drink treatments in health resorts in Pavlodar region and Almaty.

Waters containing iodine are helpful for gastrointestinal tract diseases with atherosclerosis and thyroid dysfunction.

Chalybeate Waters

Zhosalinskaya mineral water was discovered 160 kilometres from the city of Karaganda. The calcium, sulphate, ferruginous, sodium and acidic waters in its compound can be applied for drinking treatment, baths, showers and other situations.

A departmental sanatorium operates in the birch and aspen forest.

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