Almaty Hosts Unique Horse Show

ASTANA – Chamberlain club hosted the first International Horse Exhibition KazEqui-2016 and a horse show Oct. 8-9 in Almaty. The show promotes the “soft method” of working with animals, which means training without violence and force.


Photo: Dmitry Sorokovskiy

“Interest in the event is high, and it is not a coincidence, because Kazakhstan is a country with a rich history and tradition of horse breeding. We hope that our event will give a positive example of horse culture development. In addition, we would like to share our experience in the field of alternative methods of working with horses. We are working on the rehabilitation and treatment of horses using innovative methods in our veterinary clinic. Most of our pets are so-called ‘free horses,’ who were brought up without violence, rail gear and horseshoes. We see that it gives a good result,” said head of the Chamberlain Club Marina Bukanova.


The organisers want to make the exhibition an annual event.

Taking care of the animals’ needs is important for growing horses with good pedigrees. Arabian horse were hosted for the first time in Kazakhstan under KazEqui-2016.


Head of the show Igor Bochkarev explained that breeding Arabian horses is not just a hobby for fun. Pedigree breeding is a promising, though time-consuming business. An example of successful investment and pride in the  Almaty Chamberlain club is the stallion Nubian, a former winner of the championship in Europe and three-time champion of Russia. Nubian was used as a stallion in the Netherlands and Russia, his foals win prizes in various championships around the world.


“Events with purebred Arabian horses, whether classic racing or championships, have always been of interest to investors and sponsors. Approximately 120 different shows and championships are annually held in the world. The most prestigious ones are organised in the United Arab Emirates. For example, the Dubai International Cup gives a $1 million prize,” Bochkarev said.

As part of the show, visitors were able to enjoy a mini-play called Legends of the Prairie and sit around an Indian bonfire. Children took part in interactive games, archery and throwing a lasso.



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