Mobile App Helps Expand Kazakh E-Government Services

The Kazakh government is now able to provide services in electronic form and through a mobile app meant to reduce the time and documents related to those services, announced Minister of Information and Communications of Kazakhstan Dauren Abayev at a Sept. 20 government meeting.


“We have already implemented 83 different services. With the help of mobile technologies it has become possible to send notifications about required documents’ replacement, penalties redemption, tech inspection terms. Now, we can send the information not only by e-mail, but also via SMS,” the minister said.

He said the electronic services not only cut time and paperwork, but help prevent corruption, including eliminating direct interaction between service providers and service recipients. More than 5.5 million people or 61 percent of the country’s work-capable population have used the electronic services.

Kazakhstan has three main channels to apply for public services: the electronic government portal, the “Government for Citizens” State Corporation and the Unified Contact Centre for Public Services Provision.

The register of public services includes 739 services and 530 of them are available on the e-government portal or can be provided by the state corporation. The number of services will increase until the end of 2016 and will amount to 583 services, the minister said.

It was noted that the remaining 156 services can’t be provided in electronic format because they require the presence of a service recipient. These include, for example, applications to obtain health certificates, official permissions to enter and stay in the specified border areas of the country or monitoring of Kazakhstan citizens abroad.

Citizens can call 1414 for information on where and how public services can be provided and what documents are necessary.

The minister informed about the Digital Kazakhstan state programme development, the aim of which is to improve the quality of life and competitiveness of Kazakhstan’s economy through the progressive development of the digital ecosystem.

The government also hopes to introduce data management (MDM) and internet service for rural areas.

He noted 85 percent of urban and 75 percent of rural residents of Kazakhstan will use internet by 2020.


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