Local Craftsmen Will Showcase Their Work at EXPO 2017

Astana craftsmen will showcase their work at the international exhibition EXPO 2017, reported Deputy Head of the Commercialisation Department of the Astana EXPO 2017 National Company Iliya Urazakov.


Deputy Head of the Commercialisation Department of the Astana EXPO 2017 National Company Iliya Urazakov. Photo: bnews.kz

“Our exhibition complex will incorporate a specially designed ethno village. We invite our craftsmen to participate in starting from this moment. The complex will be beautifully decorated and will offer guests opportunities to take pictures, taste local treats and buy goods that represent Kazakh national cultural flavour and traditions. These are the unique products you can’t confuse with other goods,” said Urazakov, adding that preferential conditions will be offered for all handmade goods.

“When we talk about mass production products we mean those produced of a minimum amount of 5,000 items. The handmade products are unique and demand great strength and creativity. Usually, we introduce royalty tax ranging between 3 and 11 percent, but goods of our craftsmen won’t get taxed,” explained Urazakov.

The management of the Astana EXPO 2017 company announced its plans to help facilitate all conditions needed for craftsmen willing to participate in the exhibition, including the rents for retail spaces by the end of the current year. It was also suggested to create a working group to select craftsmen for the exhibition.

“We are launching a special programme for licensed products, which we start actively realising this autumn. Our product list already includes 55 items we will introduce to the local market. By the spring season 2017, the total number of goods is expected to double, which means we will have 110 various goods labelled with the EXPO brand. These are the products, thanks to which we will commercialise the EXPO project, as well as to promote it and create a special exhibition heritage to be preserved for many years. The product list includes household goods, writing goods, different gadget applications and other products of a current demand,” concluded Urazakov.

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