Kazakh National Bank Issues Commemorative Coins

On July 29, the Kazakh National Bank issued new special 500 tenge (US$1.43) coins made of gold and silver, as well as 100 tenge (US$0.29) coins made of nickel silver. The coins are part of a series dedicated to Abulkhair Khan.


All coins have identical front and back sides, while the gold and silver ones show a portrait of khan

The front side of the coins represents the national coat of arms, the number 500 for gold and silver coins and 100 for nickel silver coins, as well as the word tenge.  National ornaments are presented on the right and left sides and Kazakhstan Republic is written in Kazakh and Russian circumferentially. The bank’s logo is situated on the top of the coin.


The reverse side of the coins partly represents Abulkhair Khan’s portrait designed for a 50-tenge banknote issued in 1993 and currently removed from operation. The name of the ruler, the year of the coin 2016 and some graphic designs are written circumferentially. The upper part of the golden coins showcase the Au 999 lettering and Ag 925 on the silver coins. This indicates the material the coins are made from and their proof.

All images and lettering on both sides of the coins are textured.

The total number of golden coins with 21.87 mm in diameter is 1,000 pieces. Silver coins 38.61 mm in diameter total 3,000 pieces and 100,000 coins made of nickel silver and with 31 mm in diameter were issued by the bank.

The commemorative coins of 500 and 100 tenge can be used as normal currency throughout the country.

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