Kazakhstan Jumps Seven Positions on Social Progress Index

ASTANA – Kazakhstan placed 76th in the 2016 Social Progress Index, improving its position from last year’s 83rd position. The country remains in the lower middle tier, according to Social Progress Imperative website.

The Social Progress Index measures the extent to which countries provide for the social and environmental needs of their population. The index is made by Social Progress Imperative and includes Basic Human Needs, Foundations of Well-Being and Opportunity. Each dimension has four components, which are each composed of three to five indicators.

“In the Basic Human Needs dimension, Kazakhstan performs best on Nutrition and Basic Medical Care and has the most opportunity to improve on the Personal Safety component. In the Foundations of Well-being dimension, Kazakhstan scores highest on Access to Basic Knowledge but lags on the Health and Wellness component. In the Opportunity dimension, Kazakhstan is strongest on Access to Advanced Education and has the most room to improve on Personal Rights,” according to the report.

In the Personal Safety Component, Kazakhstan performs poorly in Homicide Rate, Political Terror and Traffic Death.

Out of all the components, the Health and Wellness and Personal Rights need to be improved the most, according to survey.

But Kazakhstan scored high in Nutrition and Basic Medical Care, including Maternal Mortality Rate, Deaths from Infectious Diseases and Undernourishment, which means rates of those indicators are small. The Water and Sanitation component also showed good results.

Also, Kazakhstan performs well in the Access to Basic Knowledge components with the high level of adult literacy rate and gender parity in secondary school enrolment.

In total, Kazakhstan has collected 63.86 points.

First Place went to Finland with 90.03 points, second to Canada (89.49 points) and Denmark is the third with 89.39 points.

Chad, Afghanistan and Central African Republic are last on the list. Russia takes 75th place, Kyrgyzstan is 79th and Uzbekistan is 91st.



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