Threat Is Real but Under Control, Experts Assure

ASTANA – Political analysts and experts say overcoming threats by extremists can be achieved with joint efforts and call upon all Kazakh people to be alert and help law enforcement authorities.

The announced threat and danger of terror attacks are certainly real, but law enforcement and government authorities can take certain measures to safeguard citizens amid the current anxiety.

Moreover, such events do not happen every other month or year in Kazakhstan, a secular and peace-loving country where several nationalities coexist and everyone can preach his or her own religion, the experts believe.

 Prominent political analyst and Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies Director Yerlan Karin stressed intelligence agencies managed to control the situation in the recent spate of terrorist attacks in Aktobe and managed to prevent a worst-case scenario.

“It is difficult to imagine what would have happened if attackers managed to carry out their plan,” he said in an interview with 24KZ news channel.

He assured residents that law enforcement authorities know their job and do it, too. He added the level of preparedness has improved.

“…Current events will become a new phase of terror-threat development in our country. This was unexpected five years ago – for the state and society – but we are quite ready now… We also should not forget for a minute that someone might be bearing extremist plans,” Karin told

Director of the Rehabilitation Centre for Victims of Destructive Pseudo-religious Movements Yuliya Denisenko agreed overcoming a threat of extremism can only be achieved with a joint effort.

“Not only law enforcement and government authorities, but also society shall unite in the event of danger such as a terror attack that is threatening our citizens. With joint efforts, we should not let any means shatter stability in our society,” she said, according to

Nur Otan Party First Deputy Chairman Mukhtar Kul-Mukhammed announced in his interview with Tengrinews that weapon shops throughout the country will now be checked, an issue currently being regulated by the government.

“Under the instruction of the head of state, a big batch of changes is being introduced into legislation. Now, the activity of these shops will be checked throughout the country,” he said.

Kul-Mukhammed stressed the importance of preventing such crimes in the future and doing as much as possible to do so.

“Now, we should do the utmost and [make it] impossible for this to happen again… Kazakhstan always was and remains the territory of peace and accord, while Aktobe was an exemplary region for that matter,” he said.

The deputy chairman also emphasised that social and political stability in the country, a tolerant attitude towards all religions and inter-confessional accord are foundations of the nation’s successful development.

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev made a statement and declared June 9 the National Day of Mourning.

“…In a difficult situation, Aktobe residents showed restraint, did not give in to panic and provocation,” he said, according to a statement on “Today, there is no reason for our citizens to worry. With that I call upon all Kazakh people to be alert, decidedly suppress all appeals to violent illegal actions and help law enforcement authorities throughout.”

A yellow moderate risk of terror attack was recently declared for 40 days throughout most of the nation, while a red terror alert – the most severe risk of terror attacks – was declared June 5 in Aktobe due to the tragic events that occurred in this city in the west of Kazakhstan. Entertainment facilities and public transport were halted in Aktobe region when a counter-terrorist operation regime was declared.

A terror alert guide designed as coloured infographics by Kazakh blogger Arman Dyussembayev explains what the different levels of terror alert mean and what to do in case terror threats are declared.

According to the chart, a yellow risk is declared when information about a possible terror attack is available but it is unknown when and where the attack might take place. An orange, or high risk alert, is declared when the real potential of a terror attack is proven true but its time and location are unknown.

A red terror alert is declared when either a terror attack has been committed or when information about a specific act that is expected to be committedis available.

During a yellow terror alert, citizens are advised not to give in to panic, pay attention to abandonedobjects and treat the document verification process with understanding, reported

During an orange alert, citizens are advised to refrain from visiting crowded places, examine the design of the building where they are currently located and discuss a course of action with family members should an emergency situation arise.

When a red terror alert is announced, citizens need to prepare for possible evacuation, keep the radio and TV on and try to keep in mind what the criminals looked like if they were spotted.


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