Kazakh Security Council Considers New Measures in Wake of Aktobe Attacks

ASTANA – President Nursultan Nazarbayev chaired a meeting of the Security Council of Kazakhstan in the Akorda presidential residence June 10 to assess the June 5 terrorist attacks in Aktobe and determine measures to ensure the country’s security.030e63c6e3574e91e8ee74c457f32d72-slider

Prosecutor General Zhakip Assanov, Minister of Internal Affairs Kalmukhanbet Kassymov, National Security Committee Chairman Vladimir Zhumakanov and Akim of the Aktobe region Berdibek Saparbayev presented reports during the meeting.

In his remarks, Nazarbayev thanked all the people in Kazakhstan for their support of anti-terrorist operations held in the country and once again expressed his deepest condolences to all the bereaved families and relatives on behalf of the council members. He stressed that the state will provide all possible assistance to the bereaved families.

Nazarbayev also expressed his gratitude to law enforcement personnel for their professionalism, loyalty, heroism and patriotism.

“We already know that it was a terrorist attack of followers of the non-traditional religious movement, Salafism. Even though we provide freedom of religion in the country, we will fight those who destabilise the situation in Kazakhstan covering under the religious slogans,” Nazarbayev said.

He noted that despite the terrorists’ plans, law enforcement bodies managed to prevent larger losses among the civilians. He said that almost all criminals were neutralised, andassured that the rest will be found and punished. (On June 12, the National Security Committee announced that all participants in the attacks have now been accounted for, including 18 killed and 9 apprehended during week-long search-and-capture operations.)

According to the President, these events demonstrated the need to radically review the working methods of the law enforcement bodies.

“It is time to strengthen our legislation. We need to analyse and make appropriate changes in the adopted programmes,” he said.

Nazarbayev stressed that a number of foreign countries, including the United States, Israel and Germany, use different mechanisms directed at ensuring the transparency of foreign funds. He suggested the government consider their experience and submit proposals on the implementation of a monitoring of foreign funding of Kazakhstan’s citizens and organisations. As reported earlier, the suspects received their instructions from abroad.

“Legislation over the circulation of weapons should be strengthened. The gun shops must not be located in apartment buildings,” Nazarbayev said.

He noted that uncontrolled migration, illegal settlements, including those formed by land squatters, create a favourable environment for criminality.

“The government should speed up the work on creating an integrated migration control system based on modern technologies, as well as create a draft law on fingerprint registration. Before that it must enforce the existing methods of population registration,” Nazarbayev ordered.

“In the interest of security and public order, there should be compulsory registration of migrants who arrive in our country. The National Bureau for Migration should be created under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which will be responsible for the control and regulation of migration processes,” he added.

Nazarbayev noted that the tragic events in Aktobe proved the necessity of the enhancement of protection of important facilities.

“All the airports and railway stations must be equipped with the modern systems of examination. Houses must be provided with video surveillance. All these measures shall not cause any inconveniences for the citizens,” he said.

Nazarbayev also stressed the importance of an elaboration of an algorithm of actions during the terrorist attacks and emergencies, as well as the necessity of snapshot notification systems in all large cities.

“Special attention must be given to the measures of safety in military facilities, including military towns and units,” he emphasised.

The head of state ordered the Ministry of Health and Social Development together with akimats (regional and city administrations) to work with unemployed individuals. He said that changes in the labour code are possible if necessary.

In addition, Nazarbayev noted that police officers must be respected in society.

“The man wearing the police form must be under the special protection of the state,” he noted.

“I think our people will understand correctly why we have to take these measures. Peace and stability in our country is the basic condition for the development and achievement of all our goals. We will not stop only by the listed above measures. In the nearest future, comprehensive solutions will be made over all other matters. I want to say that peace and stability in our country will be fully secured. To ensure this we have all opportunities, resources and people,” concluded Nazarbayev.

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