Sand Art Centres Find an Audience in Astana

ASTANA – A huge number of courses in art, design and music are offered to urban residents. But there are also classes that people can attend with their child or spouse and dive into the world of sand art.

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Being a great activity for children and adults, sand drawing, as art therapy, is useful for all ages and contributes to a better self-understanding and personal growth. This rich and dynamic graphic tradition is recognised by the UNESCO as a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.

The art studio Azhar offers painting and sand drawing classes for children ages three and up and adults. Sand art with animated scene transitions under the camera is provided for ten year olds. Fairy tale therapy is offered for small kids.

“Youngsters learn not just to draw some pictures from the stories but they can use their fantasy and draw on a certain theme. After a three-month programme, they receive a certificate and show a final presentation. We also shoot music video to demonstrate students’ skills. Video is provided for both adults and children,” said director of the studio Aizhan Zharkeshova.

Besides, the studio provides a creative dating idea for singles.

“A man can invite his beloved one for an art rendezvous. I explain the technique for 20 minutes. Then young people are left alone with the information about the technology, and try to draw thus spending time together in a romantic atmosphere. As a rule, people prefer to paint the history of their acquaintance. Their work is then photographed and a photo collage is given for a sweet memory,” she said.

Classes for adults include sand animation, acquiring the basic knowledge of techniques and nuances. The elementary skills can be taught in one lesson. And it is necessary to attend classes for at least three months for profound study.

Courses cost 10,000 tenge (US$30) for children and 15,000 tenge (US$45) for adults. A course consist of eight lessons. An art rendezvous costs 5,000 tenge (US$15).

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The art studio Azhar is located at 5 G Sauran Street. The contact numbers are +77015247670 and +71712285589.

The creative studio Happy Art offers classes in painting, sand animation, scrapbooking and art modeling only for children. Sand animation teacher Akmaral Orazgaliyeva is a professional artist. She has two years experience working with children on sand animation.

“We accept children starting from three years old. Sand drawing is conducted in a dark room and only sensor tables illuminate a soft warm light. An image from the main table with the projector is broadcasted on the big screen. This allows using all the receptors and has beneficial effects on emotional state. Children aged three to five are allowed to draw with parents,” said head of the studio Dinara Molobekova.

Courses costs 8,000 tenge (US$24) per month and classes are held two times a week.

“Some children are keen on sand drawing and buy their own tables and continue learning. Drawing has a good effect on child’s development. Recently, we got a request to teach a child who suffer from autism. We are ready to develop a programme for children with special needs. We receive a lot or parents’ reviews. Sand art especially calms hyperactive children who need to throw out their energy,” she added.

The Happy Art club is located at 1/1 Satpayev Street. The contact number is +77082616961. A website is

The Benefit development centre offers classes for children starting from four. Sand drawing is included in a progamme for future schoolchildren as a compulsory course. Teachers consider that training is extremely important for the emotional development of children. Courses cost 10,000 tenge (US$30) for 12 classes (three times a week). Lesson duration is 45 minutes.

The art centre Benefit is located at 17 Momyshuly Street, Office 4. The contact numbers are +77172776248 and +77071445588.

There are also local entertainment agencies that offer a live sand animation performance at events such as wedding and birthday parties and masterclasses for groups of people.  The average price starts from approximately 40,000 tenge (US$120).

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