Kazakhstan Offers Plethora of Trekking Options

ASTANA – It is spring, just the right time for planning new destinations to breathe fresh air and finally spend more time outside. With its vast territory, Kazakhstan offers numerous opportunities for almost any kind of tourism. Trekking lovers are able to find new routes for themselves as well.

Photo by peacekaz.net

The Tian Shan. Photo by peacekaz.net

Trekking is believed to have been created by ancient people when they discovered new areas. These days some people do not think of it as a type of vacation, but as a sport. Yet for others, it is a great way to spend time outdoors, test their endurance and restore both moral and physical powers.

The sport is a combination of hiking and walking, lasting a few hours or a few days. Trekking is mainly about ascending and stepping through mountainous areas and watching, enjoying and getting to know “untouched” nature. The more adventurous a person is, the riskier paths he can choose. Physical condition and previous experience matters.

Trekking does not require specialised, complicated equipment – an individual just needs a good pair of shoes and a good mood. Well, maybe something to eat and a first aid kit in case of emergency.

The activity is done by small groups of six to twelve people or fewer headed by a guide. The route should be chosen in advance.

The Almaty-based Trekking Club offers tours lasting one to nine days in the North Tian Shan area. An ascent of the 3,550-metre Manshuk Mametova glacier is a one-day trip lasting about five-six hours and available year round. The cost for a group of three or fewer is US$150, including transport service to and from the starting point and guide services.

“The glacier originates on the slopes of the Manshuk Mametova Peak and slides down in a quaint form of a fantastic waterfall. The climb routes up the rocky walls of the surrounding peaks and is popular with climbers of high qualification. Here, you come across the starting point of one of the most difficult climb routes in the mountains of Zailisky Alatau,” according to the company website.

Some tours are available June-October, such as the three-day tour of the historic monuments of the Turgen ravine. The route goes through places differing in height from 1,800-3,000 metres.

“This short but informative journey gives an opportunity to see a number of unique historic monuments representing different stages of development of the human race alongside most beautiful natural phenomena such as waterfalls, moraine lakes and magnificent rocky canyons and all this in three days,” according to the website.

The Trekking Club offers multiple opportunities for visitors, including two-days treks to the Bolshoi Almatinsky Peak via the waterfalls (1,500m-3,862m) promising seven waterfalls along the way, and a nine-day tour of the Northern Tien Shan.

The company website, www.trekkingclub.kz, offers detailed information in English and a photo gallery.

Morena.kz offers journeys lasting two-seven days. The top destinations include tours to the Aksai Lake gorge, Talgar Peak mountain valley, Talgar pass and Turgen and Issyk gorge lakes.

For more information, visit www.morena.kz

Both companies have similar routes and services.

Of course, trekking can be done without guides or groups, but it is all about safety and a well-thought-out journey. The adventure lets a person enjoy the time with nature as much as possible, while getting to know interesting facts about the places visited.

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