No-Drilling Dental Cavities Treatment to be Available in Astana, Almaty


ASTANA –InnoDent, the technology for treating early-stage dental cavities without drilling, will be available in dental clinics such as Versailles, Dent Lux, Ambassador, Zhayik Dent, Anga, Smile and Mediker in the capital and Almaty beginning in February, said company founder Bauyrzhan Aituov in a recent interview with The Astana Times.

“The Versailles clinic introduced InnoDent therapy in November last year and received good results. With one drop of InnoDent product, cracks and white spots on patients’ teeth disappeared and their own healthy enamel was formed one month after the procedure,” he said. “As you know, white spots are the first stage of tooth decay; if left untreated, it goes over to mid-stage in the course of time.”

Versailles clients were the first in the nation to receive the treatment, and doctors and patients were satisfied with the results, noted Aituov. The product is designed to treat decay at the initial stage when tooth enamel is destroyed but its intact structure is retained and can regenerate.

“The essence of the treatment lies in a non-invasive implantation of the protein matrix, which then completes building the enamel from a patient’s saliva during one-month’s time. It is an implantation in a literal sense, but the process goes without operating or anaesthesia and is absolutely safe,” said Aituov.

The essence of the technology lies in changing the approach to the therapy of dental cavities, he added.

“We usually postpone our visit to a dentist until the ‘better’ time as we have been afraid of the drill’s sound and pain since childhood, but now it is possible to cure tooth decay without these unpleasant emotions,” said Aituov. “This is particularly important for children. If they visit a dentist every three months and conduct InnoDent therapy if needed, then they will never know what drilling and filling is.”

He noted InnoDent is not an innovative filling, but natural and healthy enamel.

“No filling or implant is comparable with a natural tooth,” said Aituov.

Mid-stage tooth decay is accompanied by destruction of the dentine and formation of a cavity. In that case, a filling cannot currently be avoided.

“There might be other methods of non-invasive cavities treatment in the future, but it is still early to talk about,” he added.

Using the company’s formula, InnoDent is being produced by Bachem, a Swiss chemical and biotechnology company.

“Peptides are not being produced on an industrial scale within the Commonwealth of Independent States and those that are produced do not have good manufacturing practice (GMP) certificates. Therefore, the Swiss quality of our product comes first for us,” said Aituov.

The company does everything else in the capital, including manufacture of Nano-hydroxyapatite which is also part of the company’s line, as well as packaging the finished product.

InnoDent is registered in Customs Union countries Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. No product is permitted in the market without registration, especially for use within a clinic, said Aituov.

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