New High-Speed Powerboat Floated in Uralsk

ASTANA – An FC-19 high-speed powerboat, the 23rd powerboat produced by the Zenit plant in the Western Kazakhstan region, was floated in Uralsk, according to the BNews website. photo

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“Taking into account the good technical specifications of the powerboat, the border guard of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan plans to place orders for them in the future. We guard the border not only by sea, but also by land. Today, we provide training of our specialists,” said border guard and coast guard flag officer of the Kazakh National Security Committee Kadyrzhan Mukanov.

The powerboat is 20 metres long, four metres wide and 2.5 metres high, with a crew of five mariners. The FC-19 is distinguished by its high-speed capability. Its maximum speed is 50 nautical knots, which enables it to pursue poacher boats in the Caspian Sea area. The high-speed powerboat resists a force 5 storm and can cover up to 400 miles. It is equipped with a machinegun, sniper rifle and small arms.

The general director of the Zenit plant Vyacheslav Valiyev noted, “This year, our plant produced goods in the amount of 1.5 billion tenge (US$8.1 million). As of today, we started modernisation of production and work on the reconstruction of the plant’s building, which enables us to produce specialised vessels and floating crafts with a deadweight up to 600 tonnes,” as quoted by

Global Firepower, which compiles data regarding the world’s military powers, improved the position of the Kazakhstan Armed Forces from 80th to 66th place among 126 nations in the world rating. This rating evaluated combat might index by calculating nearly 50 factors including population size, suitability formilitary service and quantity of military equipment for war fighting by land, sea and in the air. Economical resources affected are also considered in the index, reported Tengrinews.

The power of the Kazakh Armed Forces is based on military equipment which is almost completely purchased in foreign countries, according to Global Firepower. The organisation considers 8.3 million citizens are ready to defend the state.

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