Business News in Brief

Consumption of liquefied gas in Kazakhstan reached about 600,000 tonnes, Kazakh Vice Minister of Energy Magzum Mirzagaliyev said at a March 19 Central Communications Services (CCS) briefing. “To date, we produce 2.5 million tonnes and consume about 600,000 tonnes,” said Mirzagaliyev, indicating the volume of production of liquefied gas exceeds its consumption. According to him, this type of gas is produced by ten enterprises, including CNPC, Aktobemunaigas, three domestic oil refining plants and other concerns. “Gas is a valuable raw material in the oil and chemical sector. In this regard, it is planned to build an oil and chemical plant which will produce polypropylene and polyetilen. The project will be in the Atyrau region, in the area of the National Oil Refining Plant,” he concluded.

“In the near future, Kazakhstan will adopt orders regulating the procedure of subsoil granting in exchange for investment and technology,” Minister of Investment and Development Asset Issekeshev announced March 18 at the sixth mining forum on promoting investment and innovation in the mining industry. “I think that in the next two weeks the order will be adopted and in the near future will be registered in the Ministry of Justice,” he said. In accordance with the order, two commissions will be set up in the Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Investment and Development, Issekeshev added. The commission of the former will consider questions of mineral resources, while the hydrocarbons commission of the latter will cover the issues of provision of solid minerals. “The procedure is bound to be published in April. Those investors who want to get deposit in exchange for investment and technology may apply to the relevant ministries,” he concluded.

“Wind, solar and geothermal energy sources will be used at the sites of the international specialised exhibition EXPO 2017,” Chairman of the Board of the Astana Expo 2017 National Company Talgat Yermegiyaev said at a March 19 Central Communications Services (CCS) briefing. “Since the theme of the exhibition will be the future of energy, the facilities will be partially covered with solar panels that produce 7 MW and wind turbines which will generate energy for illumination. This will be enough for entrances and passages, so-called ‘low energy,’” said Yermegiyaev. According to him, geothermal sources will operate at the sites which will supply the Kazakhstan pavilion and office organisers with thermal energy.

Three billion tenge (US$16 million) will be allocated from the National Fund and the national budget for pilot work on oil and gas, Minister of Investments and Development Asset Issekeshev said March 12 at the first international forum Geologic Secret Service: Oil and Gas. “In 2015, 3.26 billion tenge (US$17.6 million) will be allocated from the [national] budget and the National Fund for financing of new regional work on oil and gas,” said Issekeshev. He also noted that the ministry is continuing to work on a geologic map of Kazakhstan. “A special programme has been developed. Until the end of 2015, it will be possible to receive any information without special request,” he concluded.

Head of the Kyzylorda regional department of business and tourism Telman Suleimenov announced March 22 that plans have begun to open two new ventures in the Aral Sea region for the production of soft drinks and purified drinking water. State support will be provided for these projects, he said, adding that land in the Kazalinsk industrial zone with all the necessary infrastructure has been allocated for the project. Suleimenov noted production will be launched by the summer season, when demand for drinks and bottled water will rise sharply.

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