Astana Mayor Outlines City’s Plans for 2015

Astana Akim (Mayor) Adilbek Dzhaksybekov discussed 2015 development plans for the city on Feb. 18 in Congress Hall during the first public meeting of his administration, according to the press service of the city akimat (administration).

As part of the development plan discussed by the mayor, about 100 new building projects will be realised in Astana in 2015. Construction is scheduled to begin in the area next to the Arch of Triumph, along Mynzhyldyk Alley and Turan Avenue, as well as in the green district near Khan Shatyr shopping mall. In accordance with the Affordable Housing 2020 state programme, 2,507 apartments totaling 1,588,000 square metres will be put into operation during the first quarter of the current year.


According to the mayor, all buildings to be constructed in the capital will have parking lots.

“There are several unreliable construction companies that operate in the city now, so I insist people double-check all the documentation before investing money into real estate. You can also ask for some information about the company from the city akimat to be sure,” said Dzhaksybekov.

The mayor also mentioned efforts to save energy. The annual growth of the power supply system load is 8-10 percent and by 2017 the growth of the electricity load is expected to reach 30-35 percent while the growth in heating load is expected to reach25-30 percent. In this context, the energy complex investment programme provides a comprehensive modernisation of two central heating and power plants, as well as the construction of another one in Astana, according to the akimat press service.

“World experience shows that the growth of the city directly influences the growth of the demand for energy. The energy consumed should be preserved by citizens while using innovative technologies and eco-materials. That would also help reduce negative effects on the environment,” explained the mayor.

The third point of his speech was dedicated to the development of infrastructure. A decision has been made to reconstruct the city roads and improve the quality of public transport by instituting an electronic ticket system and changing the routes. As a result, 108 kilometres of roads will be reconstructed, including 30 streets in 11 districts. Moreover, the city streets will be equipped with video cameras, in addition to the 700 cameras currenlty located on Astana roadways.

Advancing conditions for small- and medium-sized businesses was another pillar of the Astana development programme for 2015, as their share accounts for more than 65 percent of all taxes paid to the local budget. The first service centre for enterpreneurs is now operating in Astana, with more than 4,500 businessmen and businesswomen already assisted by the centre.

Old shopping facilities will also be replaced by new ones. A system of a fast food chains has also been developed for this year and catering facilities will be available to enterpreneurs.

Dzhaksybekov focused his final attention on social issues, noting the importance of supporting veterans. There are 216 veterans of the Great Patriotic War living in Astana, he added.

“Our veterans are able to use public transport for free and they do not have to pay for utilities. Last year, we repaired 83 apartments and this year we will grant apartments to seven veterans who came to the capital in the last quarter of 2014,” said Dzhaksybekov.

The support of people with disabilities was also included in the agenda. According to the mayor, 19,000 individuals with disabilities, including 3,000 children, currently live in Astana.

“We have to give these people the opportunity to actively participate in the social and cultural life of the city by organising special classes at schools, ” explained Dzhaksybekov.

The elimination of unemployment and easy access to medical and education services, as well as development of Astana’s cultural, sport and tourist potential, were also highlighted by the mayor. He mentioned the importance of the current year for both the city and the country, as it marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, the 70th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War and the 550th anniversary of the establishment of Kazakh Khanate.

“Our main goal is to let all the citizens feel the spirit of these great events and awake the sense of patriotism towards the country and the city,” concluded Dzhaksybekov.

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