New Historical Attractions to be Opened in Taraz in 2015

An historical and archaeological museum, as well as a centre for visitors built on the site of the ancient city, will be opened in Taraz this year. The decision was announced by the head of the Department for Culture and Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Sports Aktoty Raiymkulova during a briefing recently in Astana.

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“According to the events programme dedicated to celebrating the 550th anniversary of the establishment of the Kazakh Khanate, great attention has to be paid to the restoration, conservation and preservation of local monuments, especially to the historical and cultural reserve, Kone Taraz since we know that in 1465 Taraz was the area where Kerey and Janibek Khans first decided to establish a Kazakh Khanate. In addition, there is an ancient settlement with priceless finds. A museum that will be established this year will be open to the public, representing such valuable treasures,”said Raiymkulova.

The head of the National State Enterprise Kazrestavratsiya Kanat Tuyakbaev also reported that construction documents have been already designed and state expertise for the construction of the visitor centre in the Tamgaly Tas reserve has been attained. In addition, the reconstruction of the road leading to the area has been completed.

“During the years of independence, a list of historical and cultural monuments of national and local significance has been composed. Now this list includes more than 30,000 objects. More than 25,000 of those are the archaeological sites. Every year we pursue the promotion of further restoration and preservation of historical and cultural heritage. Among other planned activities for this year are the restoration of the Abulkhair Khan Memorial complex and the installation of an Ulytau commemorative stele in the Karaganda region dedicated to the victory in the Battle of Bulanty in 1727. The restoration work of the Khodzha Akhmed Yassawi, as well as of the historical and archaeological sites of Turkestan will continue. All in all, we have scheduled more than 100 events for the current year,” said Raiymkulova.

In 2014, three Kazakh monuments were included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites:  the Khodzha Akhmed Yassawi Mausoleum, Petroglyphs found in the Archaeological Landscape of Tamgaly Tas as well as the Korgalzhyn and Naurzum reserves.

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