Almaty Offers World-Class Ski Slopes and Training Facilities

Skiing is a sport that is popular around the globe and Almaty is quickly becoming known for its world-class skiing facilities. This city ringed by snowcapped peaks offers natural slopes and man-made training facilities.

Uav94nhqYbUAmong Almaty’s training facilities is a ski simulator known as Masterski club, which simulates the sensation of downhill skiing.

“This type of facility was first built in the Netherlands and is very useful in the development of skiing techniques; taking into account all of its advantages, we have decided to build a like facility in our city,”said co-founder and director of theclub Oleg Chumakov. Ten to 15 classes on the simulator are recommended for beginners and the simulator is also used by experienced skiers to hone their techniques.

Among the city’s world-class resorts is the Shymbulak Ski Resort. Day passes for the resort cost 7,000 tenge (US$38.13) on weekends and 5,500 tenge (US$29.96) during the week, according to the resort’s website. For children up to 10 years of age, students and pensioners, the price is reduced to 3,000 tenge (US$16.34) on weekdays. Special group classes lasting 2.5 hours cost 8,000 tenge (US$43.57) for adults and 7,000 tenge (US$38.13) for children.

Ak-Bulak is another popular ski resort. Day passes cost 7,000 tenge (US$38.13) on weekends and half that during the week, according to the resort’s website. Equipment can be rented in special shops. The rental price for one set of equipment (without ski goggles or a helmet) starts at 3,000 tenge (US$16.34).

Here is a list of essential ski equipment and its approximate prices locally:

  1. Skis: local purchase prices start at 25,000 tenge (US$136.18).
  2. Ski bindings, which attatch ski boots to skis: local prices start at 15,000 tenge (US$81.71). Different types of bindings are offered for various types of skiing, such as Alpine or cross-country.
  3. Ski boots: local prices start at 18,000 tenge (US$98.00).
  4. Ski poles: local prices start at 5,000 tenge (US$27.23).
  5. Helmet: local prices start at 10,000 tenge (US$54.47).
  6. Ski goggles: local prices start at 5,000 tenge (US$27.23).
  7. Waterproof Ski clothing: local prices start at 10,000 tenge (US$54.47).

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