Chinese Troupe to Perform at Astana Opera

ASTANA – Artists from China will give a concert on the Astana Opera stage Sept. 25 within the Days of Chinese Culture in Kazakhstan. The programme will feature dances with elements of circus arts and songs performed by universal performers working in different genres, from original instrumental compositions to modern electronic music in conjunction with Xinjiang, as well as rhythm and blues music and classical repertoire.

__-2The evening will be unique, as this kind of theatrical performance can only be seen at the National Theatre of China. The art masters will demonstrate exciting and complex speeches, as well as knowledge of Kazakh folk songs and playing the dombra.

The troupe from Taiyuan will show breathtaking dances, in which performers will climb high, do flips and perform various acrobatic elements. The main effect of the show is the live reaction of the performers, high-proficiency harmonious interaction and beauty.

The team from China consists of renowned performers such as Go Chanchan, Wu Na, Dong Fei, Chen Chen, Abulatszyani and many others.

The troupe management noted that the song “Stay Here, a Guest from Far Away” included in the programme and the dance of the Tibetans, “Geba in the Steppe,” won gold and bronze medals at the Sixth International Youth Festival in China.

_________-1The Central Folk Song and Dance Ensemble was founded in September 1952. Over its 60-year history, this troupe has collected masterpieces of different nationalities and nurtured and raised generations of talented singers, dancers, songwriters and producers. In total, the troupe is represented by about 37 ethnic groups, among them Mongols, Hui, Tibetans, Kazakhs, Uighurs, Miao, Zhuangs, Manchu, Koreans, Hans and many others. The main objective of the troupe is to revitalise and continue to develop the art of Chinese dancing and singing.

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