Chevron Provides Special Support for District Where It Builds Wind Park

In support of plans to develop the Samal Wind Park, 150 kilometres northeast of Astana, Chevron in partnership with the Ayala Charity Foundation, has donated equipment to schools, healthcare and social institutions in the town of Ereimentau in the Akmola oblast. chevron-logoThe donations are part of Chevron’s social investment philosophy of supporting people in the communities where the U.S.-based company is active.

Chevron’s donations have included a fully equipped chemistry classroom and a sports area at two secondary schools; specialised medical equipment, including inhalation therapy, infant incubator, automated dipper and bed side monitorsand gynecological examination equipment; mechanical wheelchairs, a hoist to lift people with disabilities; and a large playground installed in the centre of the town for all Ereimentau children.

“Investments in children are long-term investments in the nation’s health,” said Gulbaram Sarsenbayeva, director of Ereimentau town’s Kazakh secondary school during the ceremony honoring Chevron’s social contributions. “Our school was established in 1958, but for the first time in our history, we have received professional chemistry equipment. With the help of this new class, we will train potential workers not only for national, but international companies.”

Since the early 1990s when Chevron began operations in Kazakhstan, the company has provided support to educational, medical and social institutions in the country.

“Under our social investment programme for Samal Wind Park,” noted project manager Kara Cox, “last year, we purchased an interactive whiteboard for each of 30 comprehensive secondary schools [in the Ereimentau district], procured state-of-the-art surgical operating room equipment and instruments for the Central District Hospital and also supplied 15 wheelchairs and special accessories to Ereimentau residents. We plan to continue this work in the future.”

For almost five years, Chevron has successfully partnered with the Ayala Foundation to implement social investment projects. Ayala is well known for large-scale charitable projects in Kazakhstan. The foundation focuses support on medical and educational institutions for children including, hospitals, polyclinics, maternity hospitals, health resorts, infant orphanages, remedial kindergartens and boarding schools, as well as boarding schools for children from low-income families.

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