‘Van Gogh Alive’ Showcased in Almaty

ALMATY – The interactive exhibition “Van Gogh Alive” opened in early August in the Dostyk Plaza Shopping and Entertainment Centre in the Grande Exhibitions Hall. Paintings by the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh are represented with the latest technology and the help of the 40-projector system Sensory 4to create a multi-screen show.

20140802090852This exhibition presents 3,000 dynamic images related to the life and work of the artist.

“Van Gogh’s creativity connects our countries with friendly relations. Nowadays, not only do business and economy play a bridging role, but art also. The main thing is that Van Gogh shows us how important it is to follow your dream and to be faithful to it,” said Dutch Ambassador to Kazakhstan Hans Driesser as he opened the exhibition.

The artist’s canvases are projected on large screens, which beside the usual placement on the wall are located in the most unexpected parts of the exhibition space – the columns, the floor, the ceiling. The composition of the screens is arranged so visitors appear to find themselves inside the pictures. This gives a completely different perception of the artist’s work, emphasising his unique style.

The multimedia system 20140802090843reproducing the masterpieces consists of 40 projectors and a surround sound system which is synchronised with the image. The technology, imported from Australia, literally creates a true symphony of light, colour and sound.

The exposition introduces the viewer into the world and work of Van Gogh from 1880-1890. The exposition begins with his self-portraits, continuing to the early years in The Netherlands. The paintings of this period are marked by dark shades.

The heavy hues virtually disappear from the palette with Van Gogh’s move to Paris and the second period reigns with bright colours, gardens and fruit bowls. It was in France that the painter experienced the happiest and most productive period of life. In Arles, he painted the famous “Sunflowers” series.

20140802090901Yet it was also there where Van Gogh’s mental disorders started, which he suffered until the end of his life. A series of letters sent to friends and his brother Theo shed light on many aspects of his life and work. The multimedia reproduction is completed with self-portraits of the late period.

“Van Gogh Alive” is being held in honour of city day and will last until Oct. 1.

The exhibition was created in 2007 by the Australian company Grande Exhibitions. Since that time it has exhibited in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and America and has been visited by more than 1.5 million people.

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