Aksu Ferroalloy Plant Modernisation Wins National Award

AKSU – The boiler house modernisation project implemented at the city’s ferroalloy plant was a winner in the fifth national industry contest Golden Hephaestus at the recent international congress Astana Mining & Metallurgy. The plant was entered in the area “best solution in the field of energy conservation”

1476It was noted that on the eve of the international specialised exhibition EXPO 2017, many domestic plants have introduced energy-saving technologies and demonstrated environmental awareness while considering new projects within the framework of green technologies.

“Energy saving and production waste management for our large industrial plant is important today as never before. This award is the result of many years of hard work by our team and the confirmation of our progress in this direction,” said Plant Director Arman Yessenzhulov. The facility is a branch of TNK Kazchrome, which is part of the Eurasian Resourses Group.

Ferroalloy production is one of the most energy-intensive industries in the world and it’s quite natural that metallurgic enterprises more and more often present their energy-saving projects. At that, they ecologically modernise not only the basic facilities and shops, but also the supporting units. In this case, it is the gas/oil boiler of the ferroalloy plant. Its engineers replaced the outdated boilers with modern units with excessive capacity. The main advantage of the new equipment is the use of ferroalloy gas, a special type of fuel. For several years, this by-product has been actively used at the plant as a supplemental fuel, for example, in the production of agglomerate. This technology provides a significant economic impact on all the company’s heat supply facilities.

The project’s cost is about $1.75 million and the expected annual savings of natural resources is 490 tonnes of fuel oil and 22,200 tonnes of coal. This amount of fuel can be successfully replaced by more than 51,000 cubic metres of ferroalloy gas.

“Moreover, the consumption of natural resources is almost always accompanied by a proportional reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. And if the company introduces technologies for secondary use of resources, the amount of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere is also reduced. Therefore, the introduction of energy-saving technologies is not only an economic benefit, but also a necessary component of the company’s policy allowing us to save natural resources,” Yessenzhulov said.

In the near future they plan to use ferroalloy gas directly in the production of ferroalloys. According to the specialists, it will be a weighty new innovation in the iron and steel industry.

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