Pilot Medical Information System Launched in Stepnogorsk

STEPNOGORSK – A pilot project for the creation and introduction of Medicon.kz, a medical information system (MIS), is being implemented in the city’s central hospital and municipal polyclinic.

According to its developers, the company technical support centre iDos will connect to a common information network at the hospital and polyclinic. The well-known American company EMC, one of the global leaders in the field of IT with experience in creating the national e-healthcare systems in Finland and Georgia, is among the development partners.

“The key direction of our activity is the development of integrated solutions that take into account the customer’s infrastructure, specifics of manufacturing and business processes, specific branch and geographical location of the object,” said Anuar Zhussupov, chief executive officer of iDos. “Medicon.kz is a social and investment project. It is primarily aimed at solving social problems in monotowns, it does not cost the healthcare organisations and the company iDos, as an investor, plans to establish an efficient information system that can be introduced in other healthcare institutions in Kazakhstan. By the way, the project was officially approved by the Kazakh Ministry of Healthcare and the Health Department of the Akmola region and its implementation is supported by the Stepnogorsk municipal administration. In addition, medical information systems created under the project will fully comply with the Concept of development of e-health in Kazakhstan for 2013-2020.”

The project is being implemented here because a few years ago, both the hospital and polyclinic were participants in a pilot project on the introduction of a medical statistical system (MSS) in the framework of the integrated health information system. Secondly, all medical facilities in the city are concentrated in one area, thereby making a medical campus, which significantly facilitates the task. “The work of 214 doctors and their assistants in the hospital and 176 medicals in the polyclinic will be automated,” Zhussupov explained. “The load on the registry will drop two to three times. And most importantly, the doctors’ time spent on paperwork will reduce three times to an average five to six minutes compared to the current 15 minutes or more. Consequently, due to fast searching and browsing of the patient’s electronic medical records, the speed of making medical decisions will double.

The system should be convenient both for doctors and administrators. The hospital and clinic’s management can track the work of the staff, which is very important for wage differentiation. It will also be easier to present reports to the regional healthcare department and the centre for healthcare development because Medicon.kz will be integrated with the information systems of these structures.

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