100 Wind Power Generators to Be Constructed as Part of Expo 2017

EXPOOne-hundred wind-powered generators are planned to be constructed around Astana in preparation for EXPO 2017, reported Chairman of  the Board of Directors of Central Asian Fuel and Energy Company Alexandr Klebanov in a speech to Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev on July 3.

“We want to erect 100 wind [power] generators with a total power of 100 megawatts in order to create  a new capital city design. Air travellers while coming to Astana will see all these generators,“ said Klebanov during the President’s visit to the EXPO city building yard.

Klebanov also said a centre for energy research will be constructed on the grounds of EXPO 2017 and will include three eco-friendly facilities that will help capture rainwater, process wastewater and generate solar power.

“The energy collected with the help of solar batteries will be trasported to the central control station. Energy surpluses will be selled out later,” said Klebanov.

The centre’s wastewater facilities will process approximately 750 cubic metres of water per day.

Also, a specially trash collection system will cover all 174 hectares of the EXPO grounds, including 240 intake reservoirs located next to EXPO pavilions and around the EXPO’s purpose-built residential district. The waste will be transported through vacuum pipes to a processing facility. The system will allow waste processing to continue regardless of the weather and will help reduce odors.

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