Young Graphic Designer Brings Kazakh Culture to England

IdrissovaALMATY – Almost every fashionista has arenowned Leather Satchelin her closet, as thepopularity of the bags is really high.Stylish and comfortable satchelsare equally chosen by both men and women, because books, documents and even laptopscan easily fit in them, and their appearance allows picking up a variety of looks that are topical now.

Leather Satchel located in the U.K. and has been producing leather bags since 1966. Each of the its briefcases is produced manually. If one wants to have a unique case, one can easily contact the factory and provide the idea, because this feature provides an opportunity to manufacture satchels for individual orders. When ordering purses, one can choose not only the size but also add a desirable complement. The company provides a guarantee of the product for five years.

A combination of English and Kazakh styles was embodied by Leather Satchel Co.representative Yelena Yang, who wanted to attract young designers to release a capsule collection dedicated to the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan.

Aigerim Idrissova,a local young artist,was interested because she is inspiredby the nation’s culture and traditions. Thus, a capsule collection of satchels was created as a result of collaboration between the factory and the designer. This collection reflects a combination of the two cultures–the Old World characteristics of quality, handmade, 100 percent leather and Kazakhprints.

“We wanted to convey the Kazakh flavour, not with the traditional approach, but by using pattern and a modern style. To create prints we used images of the animals and mountains of Kazakhstan, which are symbols of our country,” Yang said.

Idrissova worked for several years as a freelance graphic designerand illustrator. In addition to herbasic work,she actively participates in various cultural andcharitable events and competitions held annually in the city, such as Art of You 2013/14, Almaty Design Charity Week andthe Goethe Institute\Art_Gorod, charity project “Bird. Inspired by Hope,” Zhoktau, 1937.

“Yelena Yang offered me to work on the creation of the capsule collection dedicated to Kazakhstan. For the creation of prints, I decided to use symbols of our country,” Idrissova said.

“In my childhood I got interested in design thanks to my mother, who decided to introduce me to a wonderful art teacher. It was she who taught me to love the culture. She taught me to see and understand all the beauty of fine art, architecture and musicand that was the impetus for choosing a specialty. Iwent to Central Saint Martins College in London, known for its alumni who have become famous throughout the world. When I was at school, I dreamed of enrolling there, however, I wanted to work on textile and fashion. But on arriving in England, I discovered a new profession called graphic design after my internship and training at the BBC Department of New Media,” Idrissova went on.

Idrissova wanted to presenther homeland as she studied at the university. Her thesis was devoted to food culture in England and Kazakhstan in an effort to emphasise a different approach to the culture of food. “I created the plates, cutlery and tablecloth with a Kazakh motive, not with pretty flowers and patterns, but colourful kazy, rams’ heads and carcasses. Itlookedgrotesque, bright andgraphic,especiallyfortheBritish,” she said.

While creating her Leather Satchel Co.collection she pursued the goal ofshowing the identity andcolours of the Kazakhculture, linking past and present. As her prints she took the symbols of Kazakhstan – the majestic snow leopard and loyal companions of nomadic people, the graceful horses and camels.

“I think girls who prefer the originality and innovative approach will be pleased with this purchase. But the collection is limited and it is possible to buy satchels at the store Fab&Glam and at the Almaty popup store be held in June,” Idrissova said.

Her collection is created for a modern girl or a young woman who is studying or working, is often abroad and watches fashion trends. She should be self-confident, speak foreign languages, regard her Kazakhrootswith reverence and appreciate and loveher own country.

“Recently, the collection was presented at the Kazakhstan designers’ fair ‘Almaty popup  store, which attracted a lot of attention,” she concluded.

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