Shymkent Company Brings Innovative Design Ideas to Medical Equipment

KushnirSHYMKENT – “Everything is possible” is the motto of design engineer Alexander Kushner of the Kazmedpribor company, which produces medical devices. In his seven years at the company, Kushner has been involved in the development of 300 kinds of medical products.

Lately, he has been working on equipment that solves problems for doctors and patients. Kazmedpribor began with basic things, designing and producing stands for the standard medical drips found in health facilities. Gradually, the need for more complex medical devices and special equipment increased, as did orders for their design. The company’s work always begins with a request to improve something or solve a problem and leads to a more comfortable working environment for medical professionals. The execution of a custom order usually results in mass production.

“This is interesting and exciting work, thinking and solving complex problems,” Kushner said. “Before taking an order, it is important for me to collect as much information as possible. When the issue is improvement or, as they say now, upgrading some equipment, the first thing is to meet with people who work on it and ask what they would like to improve, change or enhance in the design. No one knows their equipment better than those who work with it. Then I collect information and study all the details on this design theme. One day the insight comes and… all that is left to do is only to embody it in the design sample.”

Fostering insight is a lot of work, of course. When the engineer developed a birthing chair-bed for pregnant women at the request of one of Shymkent’s maternity hospitals, he had to study the whole process down to the smallest detail in order to understand and find the weak points in the design of their expensive, imported chair and to propose a solution to solve their problem. Today, these birthing chairs are among Kazmedpribor’s most frequently ordered products. They are bought by medical institutions from all regions of the country.

The birthing chair-bed was also one of the main exhibits at the annual Moscow Healthcare Exhibition, where Kazmedpribor has now presented its products three times and has received good references from Russian consumers and from overseas producers of medical furniture and equipment. A Japanese company that manufactures incubators for newborns appreciated the achievements of the design engineer from Shymkent, who proposed replacing the drawer stand on their model with a more mobile design that can even adjust the height of the equipment.

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