Woman-Owned Printing Business Grows with State Support

TamozhnikovaAKTAU – Thanks to a 60 million tenge (about US$329,000) loan, young entrepreneur Yevgenia Tamozhnikova has the opportunity to develop her business, create additional jobs in her printing centre and contribute more to the national budget.

“We acquired a large space of 372 square metres and increased the number of jobs. Of course, it would be impossible to implement this project without state support. Business initiatives are the most important factor of economic growth, especially today, when approaches to doing business are changing across the world. Today, only companies that are involved in high-tech industries, offer innovative solutions and create new brands can expect a breakthrough. The state support I got was a good chance for me to further develop my business,” Tamozhnikova said.

Until recently, the printing industry was mostly a man’s business. Now, things are changing and more and more business women occupy executive positions.

She says the printing business is not just about taking orders and executing them. A customer ordering souvenir print products wants an interesting design, as their calendars, leaflets, booklets and other materials are often intended to promote their own business.

Amangeldi Babassov has been working in the construction industry for many years. As a new entrepreneur, he had to understand how to advertise, and Tamozhnikova came to help him.

“I started my business in cooperation with her printing office. They carried out orders for business cards, banners, billboards. It only seems easy to start a new business; entrepreneurs face a number of organisational problems in the beginning. I have long been engaged in business and I can say that the state always helps those who really want to work,” he said.

Tamozhnikova intends to further develop her business and open branches in all district centres of the region, meaning dozens of citizens may find new jobs. Tamozhnikova is not only a business woman, but a mother of two children. Her older son is gaining experience by helping his mother run her business and may in the future take over the family business himself.

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