Ranger Devotes Himself to Protecting the Forest

ForestryAKMOLA REGIONThey say a forest needs care and skillful management. If this is the case, Aslan Zakirin, a ranger at the Gustoroschino Forestry, is just the man for the job.

The Zakirin family has conserved and planted many trees over the years. Aslan Zakirin is in charge of a 17-hectare area, but, like most rangers’ families, his family has only a modest income. However, Zakirin does not complain and does his job lovingly and with enthusiasm.

He is a busy man who spends his time battling nature, unwanted growth and poaching. He has seen albino deer in his 17-hectare area, which are rare in the wild. The presence of such rare species is indicative of the pristine nature of the area and it is conservationists, such as Zakirin, who protect that environment. The Zakirins have put a lot of effort toward protecting the forest.

Close proximity to urban areas and visitors picking mushrooms and berries during summer puts a strain on the area’s ecosystem. But Zakirin’s forest is unique. It offers the feeling of being in the wild while only five kilometres off the highway.

The forest is well tended and full of birches with large, succulent leaves. Luscious greenery can be seen everywhere in summer. The grasses are robust and make good dairy herd feed. The landscape is a feast for the eyes.

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