Slimclub Wellness Centre Opens in Astana

Slimclub_1ASTANA – Young entrepreneur Anastassiya Kalinina fulfilled a childhood dream on Dec. 15, 2013 to help women look slim and beautiful when she opened Kazakhstan’s first Slimclub wellness studio.

Slimclub is a part of a Moscow-based chain with more than 90 clubs in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

The clubs stress a healthy lifestyle based on a combination of exercise, nutrition, relaxation techniques and a healthy mental outlook. The clubs believe such an integrated approach leads to a healthy life.

“Slimclub is a studio of light fitness and correction of the body for women only. Women above 17 years old come here. We also offer afterbirth, anti-cellulitis programmes,” Kalinina said.

Exercises are held on wellness equipment produced in the Czech Republic, Italy, Israel and Germany. Increasing blood circulation, improving general health, improving the work of the lymph system and eliminating toxins are among the main results of attending Slimclub.

In addition to wellness equipment, the club offers services such as massage, cosmetology and the services of a nutritionist.

“Wellness is in the middle between fitness and spa. A person taking an exercise on one of our training devices receives a complex of procedures, i.e. physical exercise, vacuum and infrared warmth,” the owner said.

Every client before starting training in the club is examined by a doctor.If necessary, a special programme is developed. The club has six instructors and each client is designated an individual trainer.

“In our studio, drafting a unique training programme is an integral part of the way to a successful transformation of the female body. In view of the fact that each of us is unique, when forming the programme such features are taken into account, physical activity preferences, health condition and goals. It is important that women know what shape they would like to have and regularly attended classes. The rest will be done by our equipment and highly qualified instructors. Following a personal programme, every week we trace effectiveness according to body weight analyzer TANITA [which tracks changes to the] entire structure of the body according to the content of muscle, bone and fat tissues of the client,” said Tatyana Martemyanova, a senior instructor at the club.Slimclub_2

“We consider various combinations and patterns of equipment that are maximally effective for the problem area. Individual approach to the client involves continuous quality control of the programme that ensures the best result in the shortest time,” she added.

The club is divided into two areas. The first part is for active workouts using a variety of machines and equipment. Distinctive properties of wellness devices are versatility, ease of handling and use of the latest scientific developments. Vacuum simulators, a vibration platform, roller massagers and other interesting devices solve any problems for body correction. A person needs to apply minimum efforts to use the devices, the rest is done by smart machines. Wellness devices allow removing unwanted kilos only in the areas you want them to be removed from.

The second area is for relaxation and includes prelumtherapy, infrared blankets and special massage pants and gloves for hand rejuvenation. These devices eliminate cellulitis, remove toxins, speed up and restore metabolism and stimulate relaxation.

New clients are encouraged to come for a trial visit.

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