Kazakh Pop Artist Displays Work, Raises Money for Charity

ExhibitionALMATY – An exhibition of the work of famous modern Kazakhstan pop artist Serik Buksikov was held in Almaty as part of the “Dream and Wings” charity project on Jan. 18.

The “Generation of Mercy” foundation will donate all proceeds from the sale of art to the municipal children’s hospice.

The project, which was launched in October 2013, has spawned a new genre of modern art–“art affirmation” that aims to depict the values of Islamic culture. Each of the paintings embodies a bright and positive image, which symbolises strength, energy, happiness and enthusiasm.

These works of art are, in fact, modern visual images that transmit the deep and vital meaning of ayats (verses) of the Holy Quran and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad. They are depicted on the canvas, not only through the brush, but also through words–the pictures are accompanied by so called pattern affirmations which have very deep meanings and if repeated and given thoughtful reading, inspire a person to change their life for the better.

The organisers of the project claim that the charity’s mission is to support those who are in both financial and spiritual trouble by using brightly coloured contemporary art to help them look at the world more optimistically and believe in themselves. Children suffering from cancer need such help. Few know that hospice is not the only thing there for cancer patients in Kazakhstan. The programme brings relief to those undergoing often brutal cancer treatments and their relatives. In order to be cured of their cancer, young patients need not only medication and the best care, but also mental strength and to believe in themselves.

Bakhit Niyazov came up with the “Dreams and Wings” project. He is a financier, public figure and head of the “Generation of Mercy” charity fund.

“It is good when one project can combine several noble goals. ‘Dream and Wings’ is as much an outreach mission as it is a charity. It contributes to modern art while revealing Islam to children from a least expected angle,” he said.

The project was supported by Shamil Alyautdinov, Imam of the Moscow Memorial Mosque, Islamic scholar, preacher and author of numerous books on topics pertaining to Islam, including a translation of the Holy Quran into Russian. Alyautdinov can combine Quranic and prophetic teachings with the latest achievements in psychology, neuroscience, sociology, and other sciences. In addition, he is the founder of the “Trillioner” project which is aimed at helping people achieve success in both the material and spiritual facets of life.

“This is a unique project that examines Islamic values as tools for the spiritual, intellectual, physical and material transformation of man. We only live for a limited period of time, but the Lord’s mercy is boundless. That is why people should do their best to achieve success in those areas in which they want to prove themselves,” he said.Exhibition 2

Alyautdinov translated some very bright, strong, deep and vital ayats and hadiths (sayings or customs of the Prophet Muhammed) into Russian. Buksikov has created bright and colourful pop art pieces based on these texts. Each picture is based on a single ayat or hadith and one “trillioner” rule. As the author noted, the project is not concerned with the direct artistic interpretation of the text, but rather images illustrating spirituality, faith, inspiration and inner strength that people get from exploring the truth of Quranic or prophetic wisdom.

Thirty paintings auctioned at the exhibit were created specifically for “Dreams and Wings.” The cost of each picture is quite high, from 400 to 600 thousand tenge (US$2,600 to $3,900). In addition to the paintings, the project organisers released a calendar of the art work. As the creator of this idea, Niyazov said he wanted to share the energy of art affirmation with those who do not buy pictures. Simply purchasing a calendar is a reasonable enough contribution to helping children fight cancer.

It is planned to raise 30 million tenge (US$193,000). On the opening day of the exhibition, two paintings were sold for 1 million tenge (US$6,428). One of the lots at the auction was the picture “Blue Mountains, Colourful Trees”. It was painted by a young and talented artist named Yerbol Andossov, who is severely ill, but strong in spirit. Alyautdinov purchased his work for a considerable sum. Thanks to Alyautdinov, the dream of the young artist to take part in the big exhibition has come true.

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