Agriculture Expanding in Atyrau

AtyrauATYRAU REGION – State support for agriculture is showing results in the AtyrauAgroOnіmderi farming partnership, which is developing successfully in many directions, from viticulture and horticulture to bee-keeping and breeding sturgeon.

One of the projects recently launched by Vladimir Rozmetov, head of the AtyrauAgroOnіmderi partnership, is a farm for breeding goats. The 150 animals brought from the Netherlands have already adapted to local conditions and begun to produce offspring.

“Goat’s milk is valued for its health-giving properties: it helps disabled children and the sick. And cheese made from goat’s milk is rich in calcium and vitamin D, which are also very useful for children,” said Zhangeldy Tokov, managing director of the farm.

The 600-animal farm is located near a processing plant where milking machines and processing units are being installed. The dairy plant will process 1,000 litres of milk daily, Rozmetov said. Initially, it will produce 10 products with different fat contents, including goat’s milk, whey, cheese, cottage cheese, butter and cream. In the future, this range will be expanded to 40 types of products.

Sales are not expected to be a problem: kindergartens and schools are eager to buy dairy products and the partnership also has a network of stores.

Projects like the AtyrauAgroOnіmderi partnership not only saturate the market with high-quality local products at affordable prices, but also positively affect the social well-being of people employed in manufacturing by providing stable sources of income.

Tokov, for example, moved to the Makhambet district from Kyzylkogin in search of work. His wife, Gulbarshin Tokova, a former librarian, followed with their son. “The main thing is that we are together and are busy,” she said.

“Our work makes us happy, because we are confident in the future and know that the opening of such a modern farm is possible due to the state programme supporting rural areas and agro-producers. The partnership gives us everything we need: a good salary, vegetables and fruits that we grow and get for free. We’re also provided with housing,” said Tokov.

Today there are more than 300 workers on the AtyrauAgroOnіmderі farm. They grow vegetables, grapes and apples; farm fish; breed sheep, goats and cows and do other work.

In the near future, more farmers will appear in the region. Among their plans is the launch of a dairy complex, a poultry farm for the production of broiler and goose meat and the opening of a sturgeon-breeding farm.

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