Business news in brief

Kazakhstan plans to deliver 10,000 tons of grain by the year’s end to China, the press service of Kazagro reported. Prodkorporation, a Kazagro subsidiary, as part  of a contract with a Chinese state company, has begun supplying wheat to China. At the end of November, the first shipment of cars to China took place. Prodkorporation’s contract with the largest Chinese grain trader calls for the delivery of 10,000 tons of grain by the end of 2013. After the delivery is complete, further negotiations with the Chinese party on export volume increases of Kazakh wheat will be held.

There are 31 projects totalling a net value of 41.5 billion tenge (US$292.4 million) that are a part of the Industrialisation Map in the North Kazakhstan region. About 2,000 people are expected to be employed at these facilities after they are launched. Presently, 26 projects totalling 26 billion tenge (US$168.6 million) have been completed. Over 800 new jobs were created. Seventeen industrial and agricultural facilities have been built. Nine enterprises have been modernised. One of the most significant industrial-innovative projects is the oil industry modernisation efforts at Munaimash. As a result, 12 pieces of advanced foreign equipment were set up. In terms of productivity, they do the work of 68 old machines. Now, 70 percent of all content is local. The plant now operates in three shifts. Thanks to these modernisation efforts, salaries at the plant have increased and now exceed regional averages by twofold. The biggest plant in Central Asia, Molprodukt was built and equipped with modern milk and juice production technology. The plant’s capacity is 85,000 tons of finished product per year. Of this amount, 70 percent of it is exported. Zinchenko and Co is expected to put a new milk plant into operation. It will employ advanced technologies and will be functional by the end of the year. Overall production output will reach 10,000 tons per year. In total, over 300 industrial enterprises, including 229 enterprises in the processing industry are presently operating in the region. Oil and gas production, as well as railway and energy sector goods have great potential. Thanks to state support, enterprises in these fields are upgrading their facilities. The Petropavlovsk Heavy Machine Building Plant will launch a new factory after modernisation is complete. Modernisation and expansion of the production line at the Kirov plant will help meet Ministry of Defence demands for modern mobile radio stations.

This year, 77.1 billion tenge (US$0.5 billion) was invested in the North Kazakhstan region, the regional Akim (Governor), Samat Yeskendirov said at a CCS media briefing on Dec.6. “77.1 billion tenge (US$0.5 billion) was invested into the regional economy this year; 80 percent of this money is privately invested. Private investment growth has remained stagnant over the past three years. Our region is open to all investors. Our Centre for Investor Support offers a wide range of services, everything needed to invest in the region is made available,” the governor said.

At the same CCS briefing, Samat Yeskendirov, the akim (governor) of the North Kazakhstan region said: “We increased the volume of housing construction almost twofold, or by 48 percent this year. Construction generated 24.4 billion tenge (US$158.2 million) over the past ten months. This is a 105 percent increase against the corresponding period of 2012.” “In total, 113,000 square metres of housing was commissioned in the region as part of the Affordable Housing 2020 Programme in 2013. Presently, 600 families have already moved,” Yeskendirov said. According to the region’s chief executive, the average annual volume of housing being commissioned in the region over the past 10 years is 122,000 square metres. This is 2.8 times more compared to 2003. In 2020, this indicator is expected to be 1.4 million square metres.

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