Ungarsynova’s Poetry Celebrated Through One Country – One Book Campaign

Ф. ОнгарсыноваALMATY, Nov. 12 – The work of Kazakhstan poet and winner of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan Fariza Ungarsynova is being celebrated this year through the One Country – One Book campaign, which includes literary gatherings centered on Ungarsynova’s works at the nation’s libraries.

Ungarsynova is one of the most widely read authors in Kazakhstan. Her works  advocate resisting evil, doing good things and being kind in any situation, which may have contributed to her being selected for the One Country – One Book 2013 campaign.

An exhibition called Poetry Patshaiymy (The Queen of Poetry) was organised this year in the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan to showcase Ungarsynova’s ability to teach others to love their country through poetry and to bring about a sense of goodness and justice.

Ungarsynova writes about Kazakhstan, its people and history, the meaning of poetry and the nature of the Kazakh land. In her poems, she glorifies the working people. Kazakh poet and warrior Makhambet is an iconic person for Ungarsynova. And, of course, her most tender and pure poetry is about true love.

Her first book of poetry, “Sandugash,” was published in 1966 in the Kazakh language. Russian-speaking readers became acquainted with the book “Tenderness” in 1977.

The exhibition presented lots of Ungarsynova’s books, including 10 volumes of essays.

The visitors of the exhibition can also see the translations into Kazakh language of works by Armenian, Dagestan, Kyrgyz, Russian poets including Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, Alexander Blok, Ukrainian Taras Shevchenko done by Ungarsynova.

In order to promote Ungarsynova’s literary legacy, the National Academic Library started an international competition of library blogs called Light of Fariza Ungarsynova Poetry (www.fongarsynova.blogspot.com). Eighteen libraries from all regions of Kazakhstan and the Ishim Central Library System of the Tyumen region (Russia) are taking part in it. The competition includes the following categories: Best Library Blog Reader, Best Theme Blog, Most Unformatted Blog.

In the design and content of blogs, each library was able to use its own creativity to present Ungarsynova’s poetry in interesting ways, utilizing audio and video material, as well as quizzes and comments. Results of the blogs contest will be announced in mid-December.

Ungarsynova continues to contribute to the development of Kazakhstan’s poetry. She is the chief editor of the national literary and art magazine Tumar and supports talented young writers. Since 2007, she has chaired the organising committee of the annual One Country – One Book campaign.

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