Khabar Presenter Lucked Into Lifetime Role

ASTANA – Khabar TV presenter Kymbat Khangeldina spoke with The Astana Times about her family and her career.


Khabar presenter Kymbat Khangeldina tells about most common challenges of the work on TV and gives advice to young colleagues.

Tell us about yourself and your family.

I was born into a wonderful family where love, kindness, sincerity and understanding always prevailed. I had a very memorable childhood and bright adolescence and as a result, today I have a full, friendly, kind family. I have always been and remain absolutely daddy’s girl. His words to me are of paramount importance; all that I have today in my spiritual life is what my dad invested in me. I am very grateful to him for all his wise advice, for our fascinating conversations, for his attitude to life with all its twists and turns. He never despaired; he always went ahead and still goes ahead, full of plans and joyful expectations, and in that I am like him.

There are four children in our family… I have two brothers and a sister. They have wonderful kids… I want my children to grow up in the same harmony and love that has always surrounded us. As for my family, I have a wonderful husband—the head and inspiration of our house—three sons and a daughter, the favourite, who is almost exactly like her father. This means that my story is repeated in my daughter; we both love our fathers. My children are grown ups, almost already decided on their careers, and now we just have to wait for them to fully take their places in life. We’re very happy individually and altogether.

Where did you study?

I graduated from the philosophical and economic faculty of Kazakh State University and worked at the Academy of Sciences, engaged in scientific research, and was preparing for a career as a teacher and lecturer of philosophy, but my fate decided otherwise. And now I use all my creativity working in television.

How did you get into this area?

I got into television by chance; I had never thought of it… It happened again with the help of my dad, who saw a TV presenter in me. He has long worked as a radio announcer – he has a wonderful tone of voice – and it seemed to him that I had to try the role for myself. Kazakh television was holding a competition at that time; people came from all parts of the country. And after the selection, I was among the new presenters of KazTV (currently called Kazakhstan TV). I should say that for me it was very sudden; I just could not deny my father’s request to go and try in this competition. But it turned out that it was my destiny, and now I cannot imagine my life without television.

So you chose this profession spontaneously.

Since I did not do anything special to enter my profession, everything that happened and still happens to me is spontaneous. I started as a news presenter, but my role is changing all the time. Today I am not following any one plan. Any project for me is near and dear if viewers like it.

Who was your inspiration?

The person whom I truly respect and enjoy is American television host Oprah Winfrey. She is very close to me in spirit, in her manner of conducting interviews, in her kindness.

What was the funniest moment in your career?

In live broadcast, bloopers are common; I have had several of them. One of them that I remember was when right during the news broadcast, my chair, which was on wheels, started to move away from under me. By the time I finished reading, I was almost squatting, as it was impossible to stop the broadcast. Since then I have checked the chairs on any programme I lead very closely.

How do you manage to combine your work and your personal life?

I have never thought of it seriously. My family and work for me are equal, very important and very interactive. At home, they support me very well when I’m busy at work, and at work people are very helpful when they know that there are some problems at home.

What is the message of your programme “Zhana Kun” (Kazakh for “New Day”)?

It sets a good mood in the morning, full of positive life. Don’t despair in the face of the problems that somehow occur for all of us; everything will be all right! This is the basic message of the programme.

Would you like to see your children on TV?

All of them have tried different roles on television, all of them managed, but none of them wants to build career on television. I do not urge them to. Of course, I would be happy if at least one of them appeared in this profession, but here everything must be sincere, from the heart, otherwise it isn’t creative.

What are some of the most striking moments from your career?

They were many, and almost all memorable. The most important are the people who I’ve been fortunate enough to meet thanks to my profession, starting with the president of the country and ending with talented children.

What has been the most challenging aspect of your career?

The most challenging part of our profession is the huge responsibility we must take for what we do. Each word should be verified, correct, honest. And of course, there’s the need to adapt to any situation, because in a live broadcast nothing can be changed.

What projects are you planning in the near future?

I co-starred in the TV series “The Return,” which will be shown in December on Khabar channel. I look forward to seeing it on the screen to see whether I handled the job or not.

What do you recommend to young TV presenters just starting out?

Be patient, read a lot, do not hesitate to ask questions of senior colleagues. This profession requires lifelong learning… Success does not come immediately, but when it comes, it is the greatest pleasure to understand that you are doing the job properly!

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