Akorda Makes National History a Priority

ASTANA – Continuing and implementing more studies of Kazakhstan’s national history was encouraged at the third Interdepartmental Working Group session held at Akorda on Sept. 25, chaired by State Secretary Marat Tazhin.

It was underlined during the session that a group of scholars had been assembled to develop basic school books on Kazakhstan’s history, beginning with ancient history and ending with independence and the history of modern Kazakhstan.

Tazhin stressed the importance of further development and set a goal of conducting objective scientific research to facilitate the portrayal of Kazakhstan’s history as an integral part of global historic processes.

Minister of Education and Science Aslan Sarinzhipov and Minister of Culture and Information Mukhtar Kul-Mukhammed reported on the current progress and modernisation of scientific and educational methodologies as well as on efforts to promote the newly discovered knowlede.

The new Georcheologiya national scientific research centre for studies of traditional central Asian civilisations was presented during the session, along with the Studying World History scientific research centre and the Laboratory for Population Genetics. The new historical magazine “Mangi El” and the History of Kazakhstan website were also introduced to public.

Tazhin charged the Foreign Ministry with facilitating business trips abroad by Kazakhstan’s historians.

“We invited First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Rapil Zhoshybayev today,” Tazhin said. “Please take under special control issues related to the continuation of these trips, not only of our archivists and historians, but in general. So far we have not encountered any travel difficulties. [Kazakhstan’s] ambassadors were informed and provided support in all countries. The work should continue at the same pace,” Tazhin said.

“We have begun and held active work in all formats recently—television, radio, newspapers, Internet. More than 100 different mass media organisations have been involved in the work. As a result, as of Sept. 20, 2170 materials have been published, posted or covered in the media. On average, that makes 19 materials a day starting from June 5,” said Kul-Mukhammed.

“The national TV channels regularly broadcast more than 25 special programmes and talk shows focused on this topic,” the minister continued. “In general, the programmes have covered such themes as biographies of prominent figures, issues of teaching history and the history of Kazakh national dress. More than 40 well-known experts expressed their opinions in the period from June through September 2013 in the national mass media.”

Sarinzhipov stated that this year, departments of history were launched in all universities. There has been a state budget increase aimed at preparing more history graduates and PhDs.

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