Flag of EXPO 2017 Goes Around Latin America

Well-known Kazakh traveler Dmitry Petrukhin is continuing his motorcycle journey through Latin America to promote Kazakhstan’s hosting of EXPO 2017.

In Brazil, Petrukhin toured nature areas and major cities and met locals in Rio De Janeiro. Brazilians expressed interest during a meeting with the Rio Chamber of Commerce and in television interviews with Petrukhin in Kazakhstan and in preparation works for hosting EXPO 2017 in Astana.

In a TV interview, Petrukhin said EXPO 2017 was Kazakhstan’s national project and its theme “Energy of the Future” is a platform for proposed ideas to develop new and environmentally friendly energy sources, as well as of safe technologies and industries.

Director of the Energy Department of the Ministry of Industry of Brazil Antonio Gonzalez confirmed his country’s participation in EXPO 2017 and thanked Kazakhstan’s biking expedition led by Petrukhin for their visit and the invitation to come to Astana in 2017.

Petrukhin also talked to the editor of the “Energy of the Future” programme on Brazil central television, to the Press-Secretary for the Organization of International Exhibitions on the American Continent Maria Clara Gomes, as well as to representatives of many media outlets across the country.

After distributing souvenirs and booklets on Kazakhstan, Petrukhin and his team headed for an international festival of bikers in the capital Brasilia where the participation of a Kazakhstan biker in the festival made quite a stir.

During the two-day festival, Petrukhin and his group were interviewed by numerous press outlets and invited to interact with other bike clubs. The main organizer of the AGUIA Solitaria biking club Julio Cesar promised that one day his club will set out on a biking tour of Eurasia and visit Kazakhstan.

Petrukhin also had the opportunity to speak to a crowd of 10,000 people at the festival, and nearly forgot the phrases in Portuguese that he had memorized, Petrukhin said.

Petrukhin said he enjoyed the Brazilian style motorcycle festival in which all types of riders regardless of social status celebrate together.

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