New Store Offers Astana Consumers Organic Food

ASTANA – A new organic food store certified by the European Union for safety and quality recently opened in Astana.

1374714945Today, there are about 150 organic markets, also known as bio markets, for every million European citizens. The opening of such a store in Kazakhstan is an important step in the development of consumer culture and the promotion of cultural values of proper nutrition and a healthy way of life.

The main feature of organic or biological products is their method of production and storage conditions. In order to be certified as organic, production manufacturers are required to comply with certain requirements in each production stage, including the use of organic growing environments and processes.

Often in Europe, family farms, which have reached 120,000 in number, are responsible for the production of organic products,.

A representative of Astana’s new organic market, called Biomarket, told The Astana Times that Kazakhstan can learn from Europe’s experienceto help develop the country’s organic farming sector.

Organic foods are becoming the preference of consumers who value their health and a healthy lifestyle, particularly the promotion of health through proper diet. Organic food is considered by some to be particularly beneficial to those with allergies, for patients after surgery, for those with various illnesses and pregnant and lactating mothers.

According to a study “Quality Low Input Food,” organic food contains 60 percent more antioxidants and 20 percent more vitamins than non-organically produced food. Scientists have shown that an organic diet helps increase the number of protective immune cells in the blood, which helps prevent illness.

Organic products include a whole range of consumer goods, as well as are gluten-free and lactose-free.

The 1,500 square meter (16,146 square foot) Astana Biomarket offers a bakery, dairy section, vegetables, fish and meat, including sausages, delicatessen, organic cosmetics and products for the home.

Famous actress Linda Nigmatullina is a proponent of organic products. “As a consumer, I am so happy because I eat only organic food. I am an outspoken opponent of GMOs (genetically modified organisms)!”

All of Biomarket’s products are imported from European countries that are leaders in the field of organic production, such as France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark, England and the Netherlands. Among the shop’s products are Papillon Roquefort cheese with blue cheese, premium chocolates and high-end natural cosmetics, such as Weleda.

The Biomarket founders see in their work the mission to encourage consumers to think about their diets and make healthy choices.

“Biomarket is not just a regular supermarket, but a huge step in the development of bio-culture and healthy lifestyles in Kazakhstan… Perhaps by making a purchase at Biomarket, a consumer will begin a journey toward green consumption,” Biomarket Director Michael Mommsen said.

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