Designer Asanova’s work combines past, present, and future


Balnur Asanova is a frequent participant of the Fashion Week in Moscow hosted by the famous Russian fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev (centre).

Designer Balnur Asanova’s work at Symbat Fashion Academy combines past, present, and future. In Kazakhstan, there’s always a new balance being struck in design between old motifs and new shapes, old materials and new colors, old traditions and new ways of living. The academy, and Asanova’s collections, bring those elements of ancient Kazakh culture into the modern world.

That doesn’t mean that the prize-winning designer’s collections are dated; far from it. She knows she pushes the envelope sometimes. “Colorfulness is very important. I use different colors in one collection. Some might say it’s too much, but in my opinion, a wide range of colors is our special feature, what makes us unique. In my last collection, I was obsessed with purple.”

1374712440Color, art and travel are the designer’s biggest inspirations. “I seek inspiration in my world view,” she says. “Traveling… brings new emotions and energy to create. Another source of inspiration for me is painting. I am an artist, so different art exhibitions usually have a great influence on me. I might dedicate a collection to certain artist or certain piece of art.”

Asanova studied art in Almaty before going on to costume design at the Zhurgenov National Academy of Arts. Even now, Asanova makes time to create and exhibit dolls, write articles about beauty, and design books. But clothes are a constant – in the past ten years, her collections have been shown in Russia, China, across Europe and in the United States. She’s presented at Fashion Weeks around the globe, including those in Berlin, New York City and Dubai, among others.

“It’s our good fortune that Kazakhstan is at the crossroads of European and Asian cultures,” Asanova says. “It opens good perspectives for our designers. …The prediction, made by famous designers 10 years ago, has come true: Asian motifs have become popular because the world needs change.” Combining art forms, combining eras, combining cultures—Kazakhstan is rich with inspiration for this designer of convergences.

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