Battle Parade Preps Are in Full Swing

ASTANA – The group led by Major General Mukan Dyusekeyev, deputy chief of Kazakhstan’s Armed Forces General Staff, is comprised of various branches of servicemen and is tasked to coordinate all the organizational aspects of the unprecedented battle parade that will be held May 7 as part of the Day of Kazakhstan Defender. A defense ministry task force has also left for the Otar 40th military base to assist with preparations.

Military hardware, including more than 400 armoured and motor vehicles, more than 80 aircraft and helicopters and 7,000 troops have been gathered at the military base.

Military parades are different than battle parades, according to the defense ministry’s press service. Military parades include marching and showcasing models of military hardware and weapons in a static position. Kazakhstan battle parades, however, showcase the military personnel’s battle training level, coherence of actions and the combat capabilities of the Kazakh Army’s arsenal. Contemporary models of weapons and communications will also be shown.

Air force planes will also carry out actual firing and bomb launching, as well as air aerobatics.

All types of Kazakhstan’s armed forces will demonstrate their flight and naval training, including in intelligence and special missions.

The May 7 parade will include more arms and military hardware than have been shown in previous general military parades, including 86 aircraft and helicopters, which is twice the number that was in the last parade on Constitution Day. The parade will then be a combination of military actions in Astana, Otar and on the Caspian Sea where the flotilla will demonstrate its skills. The naval maneuvers will be live broadcast via a video link to other parts of the country.

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