EXPO Complex May Become Cultural Centre

ASTANA – Public hearing took place in Korme exhibition centre on March 19 regarding the use of EXPO 2017 objects after the exhibition. The hearing held in the form of the dialogue, where the participants discussed the opportunities for development of tourism, involvement of Kazakhstan population in preparations to the EXPO 2017, development of alternative energy sources and many other issues.

Some people present at the meeting proposed to use the EXPO objects for cultural purposes. The people of Kazakhstan have no place to spend spare time, except for cinemas, and trade and entertainment centres. For example, it was proposed to open art galleries, theatres, concert halls youth centres with free Wi-Fi access and affordable prices for entertainment.

March 19 business incubator present their projects to foreign invetors and national companies.

Representatives of the healthcare system concentrat all healthcare facilities the EXPO 2017 objects for convenience in reaching them (to create a medical city inside Astana), because currently all medical facilities are located at a distance from each other and it is sometimes problematic to reach them in cases of emergency.

An idea, supported by most of the present people was to establish on the territory of EXPO 2017 a small natural and historical 5D park inside the building, where the visitors will be able touch flowers, trees, see real mountains but in a smaller dimension, feel the real flora and fauna of Kazakhstan. Most tourists who come to Kazakhstan have no much opportunity to visit all regions of our land and this 5D park will help them understand the history and see the nature of our country. This will also help attract tourists to Kazakhstan.

Furthermore, the building project for “EXPO-city” to include construction of housing estates in now under development. In the course of perfection and improvement of the Astana transportation infrastructure by the year 2017, the launching of the light-rail tramline with a throughput up to 50 trams is planned.

The session also discussed the main aspects of the National Plan for the preparation of EXPO 2017, in particular, the issues of development of the registration dossier, cooperation with the office of the International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE), as well as the organization of the competition for the best architectural solution for the construction of facilities and development of the territory of EXPO-2017.

The discussions were concentrated on the cultural, social, leisure and public administration issues, i.e. how to use the EXPO objects in cultural purposes, and how to attract interest of youth of Kazakhstan to the culture. Further, the subjects of tourism, healthcare and other issues were also highlighted at the meeting.

The goal of the event was to hear the ideas and thoughts of citizens concerning the assignment of the EXPO objects. The EXPO representatives perfectly organized the event and shared the information on the way of preparing to EXPO to be held in 2017. A speaker, representative of EXPO in Kazakhstan was speaking on the importance of the support to exhibition not only from the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also from members of the government, NGOs and people of the country. They claimed the process of preparing and holding EXPO 2017 will be transparent, with the permanent participation of interested parties.

EXPO 2017, “Future Energy”, reflects the greatest challenge facing humanity today. The theme’s title and content tie in perfectly with the title and recommendations of the report of the United Nations Secretary General’s Advisory Group, “Energy for Sustainable Development.” During the event the urgency of the theme “Future Energy” was highlighted and participants completely supported the idea of paying attention to domestic inventors and give way to their future, for example in the country we have many inventors with brilliant ideas with regards to power generation from water, wind, etc. It was proposed to further use the EXPO territory for the purpose of Research Institutions for the Kazakhstan inventors, who are still unheard and unknown in our country, and provide them with opportunities to freely come and share their ideas without passing long burdensome procedures before registering the inventions.

One of the main goals of the Astana – EXPO 2017 expand cooperation with industrialized and developing countries.

“Holding EXPO 2017 in Astana will encourage the innovative development of the republic.”

Earlier the invited participants were representatives of various spheres, i.e. teachers, representatives of NGOs, journalists, political experts, housewives, civil servants and focus groups were formed for the more opinions and for the lively discussion.

Kazakhstan has been a member of the International Bureau of Expositions (BIE) since 1997. The country has participated in EXPO since 2005: EXPO-2005 (Aichi), EXPO-2008 (Zaragoza), EXPO-2010 (Shanghai). At EXPO-2008 in Zaragoza, Kazakhstan won a third place bronze medal for interior and exterior decoration, out of 104 participating countries in its category. It was during his visit to EXPO-2008 in Zaragoza that the President Nursultan Nazarbayev spoke of hosting a similar event in Astana.

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